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Have you been struggling all throughout for writing an impeccable synthesis essay? No issues; Online Assignment Expert is right here at your service to offer you top-notch Synthesis Essay Writing Help. We have writing experts with us who have years of experience in this domain and know the requirements of your university.

There is no denying about the fact that synthesis essay writing is one of the most challenging and tough writings that you encounter in your academic life. The purpose behind letting students write synthesis essays is that they want scholars to learn how to conduct extensive research, how to handle big concepts, and represent the skeleton of the argument. A perfect synthesis essay will be as such that will take varied ideas from ample resources, précis them, and syndicate them into a thesis statement, which be the sole position the essay will focus on arguing. Make sure that you write in cohesive synthesis essay format. It teaches you to go through the available sources and then come to a logical conclusion.

Synthesis Essay: A Detailed View

How to look out for prompts

When you write a synthesis essay, it is just like writing another form of a thesis. During your school days, you have only heard ‘syntheses in terms of science in chemistry. The word is defined as “the combination of different factors or elements to form a connected whole”. Similarly, in literature, synthesis is connoted as a written discussion of ideas. The notions are taken from speeches, articles, observations, academic papers, fiction sources, non-fiction sources or interviews, etc. For example, you get a paper on the increasing usage of cell phones in the present setting, and the other one would be on the upsurge of social media amongst adolescents. A Synthesis Essay Example for this would be that after synthesising the information, you write a combined thesis on cell phones and social media.

There are two types of synthesis essays:

  • Explanatory Synthesis Essay

Explanatory synthesis essay is that wherein the readers get to easily understand the basis of the subject. Rather than debating, the objective of this kind of synthesis essay is to explain a specific topic in detail. In the body of this essay, you can elucidate the topic with the help of available authentic sources and include them objectively. Alike any other writing project, in this essay, too, you are supposed to substantiate your claim with two or more trustworthy sources.

  • Argumentative Synthesis Essay

An argumentative synthesis essay is an essay that is focused on arguing a particular topic and justifying it with evidence. Unlike the above type, this essay focuses on following the same approach that you would do in writing an argumentative paper. Give your opinion, then support the claims and after that, provide credible evidence to back up each claim.

Tips To Choose the Best Synthesis Essay Topics

  • It is always a great idea to choose a synthesis essay topic that is dubious. Liable on your argument, you can then further choose a chief text. You can pick a source that has a contrasting viewpoint.
  • Make sure that the topic you have chosen or are planning to choose makes your audience emotionally charged for all the sides that are there. This will assure you that there is a lot of evidence available for them. For example, you can choose topics such as immigration policy, gun control, income inequality, progressive taxation policy, drug legalization, etc.
  • Ensure that the topic you choose is not too general
  • Make sure the topic is relevant.
  • Ensure that you have already and have enough resources surrounding it.
  • Conduct an in-depth reading regarding the topic
  • You must be sure that the topic you choose has the ability to be interpreted and must not only be a summarisation.
  • Look out for prompts by defining, evaluating, analysing, explaining, comparing, proving, justifying and criticising.
  • Never ever title your assignment as a ‘synthesis essay’ and precede it with a relevant title.

Even after getting to know these hacks, if you still find trouble with synthesis essays, then you can surely count on our academicians, who know all the nitty-gritty regarding essay writing. They will surely help you in succeeding in your essay writing assignment with skyrocket grades.

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at Synthesis Essay Example

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