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Services Marketing Assignment Help

Services marketing assignment help is a relatively new service distinguished from comprehensive marketing assignment writing. We experienced an upsurge in services marketing assignment help and decided to provide exclusive writing help by dedicated marketing experts having decades of field experience in services marketing such as in telecom sector, supply chain management, arbitrage and financial services etc. However their expertise is not just limited to above mentioned subjects. Technically we have had solved thousands of service marketing assignment questions and case studies, and this time it was one step ahead towards making this service independent and streamlined.

Due to the complex nature of business these days, pure product marketing is taking a shift towards services marketing or there is a scope of mixed aspects of both. Conceptually, services marketing includes various kinds of initiatives which would cover various service sector such as hospitality services, support services for IT and telecom, IT development services, healthcare services, financial services, security services, logistics and supply chain management services and many more. Our experts understand the basic principles of 4 Ps, such as product, price, place and people to promote the services starting from making a concept, ensuring operational excellence and execution of plans. In this context our marketing assignment help service can be subscribed by the students to have a seamless completion of academic homework.

Once the students develop a grasp over theoretical subjects, it is time for them to make a practical use of it. The instructors may take a real life example or can design dummy case studies to acquaint the students with the application of marketing basics to services development and promotion. Comprehensive analysis of services marketing is ensured in the following steps.

  • Identification of a potential geography where the services can be rendered. Due to shrinking global barriers in the modern times, it is possible to provide international marketing services worldwide.

  • Defining a target group and understanding their interests, particular consumer behavior which might help in providing a better fit to the requirements and expectation of post service provision or relationship management.

  • Deciding he pricing based on the time and other resources that could be utilized by the service provision

  • The service provision needs to be delivered to the target group using a specific channel, which is named distribution channel.

  • Designing promotional strategy and ensuring efficiency in terms of return on investments, setting targets and tracking results

There are some particular areas where students need help in the assignments. Those are:

  • Designing a marketing strategy for services marketing in a particular sector such as hospitality or healthcare
  • Case Study :-SWOT analysis and development of scope of marketing in a particular company providing services only
  • Differential analysis of product and services marketing
  • Dissertation topics based on specific requirements ( starting from topic selection, research methodology , research, writing and proof reading)
  • Mixed marketing scope and special attributes of services marketing approach
  • Risk mitigation in service marketing by empirical research and approach
  • Ascertaining return in investment in providing consulting for services promotion

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