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Are you enrolled in SAP HANA courses? Are you worried about the SAP HANA assignments? Well, you don't need to! Online Assignment Expert is available 24*7 to help you with your SAP HANA assignments. We are offering the best SAP HANA assignment help to students pursuing online/part-time/full-time courses in SAP HANA in Australia.

We know the difficulties that are faced by students while pursuing such courses. A few of them are lack of time, improper time management, lack of knowledge, insufficient academic skills and more. Such students will be glad to hear that they can avail our SAP HANA assignment help. Under this service, students come to interact with academic professionals who have written assignments for the following topics:

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Hence, taking help from our SAP HANA assignment experts guarantees you to be able to submit a high-quality assignment within the stipulated time frame. More details about SAP HANA and its related assignments are described below.

What types of Assignments Covered by our SAP HANA Experts?

SAP HANA includes several forms of assignment writing such as an essay, case study, report, research paper, dissertation, etc. There could be few assessments that ask you to answer a set of questions. For example -

sap hana assignment question

To answer these questions, you must have knowledge of SAP HANA, its benefits, what is OLAP, OLTP, and SAP HANA Concepts. In case, if you lack such knowledge then you may need help in SAP HANA assignment by professionals to complete the task on time. You can also read the information given below. It can help write your assignment.

Get Help for All SAP HANA Modeling Concepts from Our Assignment Writing Experts

SAP HANA Modeling displays data as a business model or business logic from the databases. The experts can create a data view with the help of such business logic that is used in reporting and analysing applications, for example, Webi, SAP Lumira, MS Excel, SBEE, etc. Different SAP HANA applications are used to create business logic and data models with its modelling practice. In this section, our SAP HANA assignment experts have discussed the measures, attributes, and modelling objects of SAP HANA. So, let's have a look at them.


  1. Attributes and Measures
  2. The business logic or business models developed in SAP HANA Modeller uses data in a proper and a particular way. Users can use data content in the form of information views, as measures and attributes. In SAP HANA, Attributes are referred to as the contextual or descriptive data that offers data information in the form of tables. Therefore, it can be said that the attributes are the features of data like Store, Country, Customer Name, Sales ID, et cetera. They are non-measurable types of data and further can't be used for calculations. There are different types of attributes are listed below:

  • Simple Attributes
  • Calculated Attributes
  • Local Attributes

Measures can be explained as a data entry used for calculation. The data views in measures are used for analytical purposes. Few examples for measures are - Profit percentage, Product Quantity, Sales Amount, etc. The four types of measures included in SAP HANA Modelling are -

  • Simple Measure
  • Calculated Measure
  • Restricted Measure
  • Counter
  • Types of Modeling Objects
  • In the study of SAP HANA, the modelling objects are divided into Attribute view, Analytic view, Calculation view, and Decision view.

    Attribute View: The attribute view of SAP HANA generally uses non-measurable data, attributes data, and non-quantifiable data in order to design models and views as per the business logic. The data composed in attribute view are also known as 'Master data' and can be used as reference information in the calculation and analytic view. The attributes view table doesn't include measure or facts.

    Analytic View: In analytic view, users can form star schemas that have fact tables, central transaction, and diverse range of dimension tables that are linked through primary keys. They can easily group or join the measures that only contain a central transaction table having different dimension tables based on the business logic's requirement.

    Calculation View: As per our experts providing SAP HANA assignment services, calculation view is quite a complex model as compared to analytic and attribute view. It comes with few advanced logic and transformations. To perform such complicated operations like merging two or more than two data sets into one, students/users may have the knowledge of calculation view.

    Decision Table: Decision table in SAP HANA is mainly used for decision-making and business planning. These tables are used in analysing business situations and scenarios. Also, it is used to answer if and else conditional queries within the enterprise. It can be used to examine situational analysis through a graphical interface.

    Why Do Students Prefer to Hire Our Subject Experts for Their SAP HANA Assignments?

    While writing assignments, a lot of hurdles can be encountered that makes the task difficult. It can be related to research, writing, understanding the assignment, or any other. The best and convenient way to overcome them is availing SAP HANA assignment help from Online Assignment Expert. We have a pool of subject-matter experts who guarantee to deliver a well-researched and complete assignment paper within the given time. So, don't worry and hire our SAP HANA assignment experts and academic services at student-friendly rates.

    Our SAP HANA assignment help experts cover a wide range of assignment forms like a case study, research paper, essay, and more apart from technical tasks. Along with writing, it is necessary to take a quick look for the errors and eliminate them immediately; this process is called proofreading and editing. It requires a set of proofreading and editing skills, if you don't have such skills, you may contact us and we will provide you with an errorless and top-notch assignment.

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