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Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Help in Australia

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Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Help in Australia by Top Rated Assignment Experts

If you are a student studying nursing courses in Australia, then you may be aware of the term "Safewards". It is described as a model of care that is being widely used to reduce rule-breaking, aggression and restraint, coerced medication, and seclusion in the acute mental health of an adult. The assignments related to this field of study are mainly concerned with reducing conflicts and the best use of restrictive practices to develop therapeutic relationships. Writing safewards nursing assignments is involved with various complexities. Thus, we are providing safewards mental health practice assignment help through which students can submit a well-researched and well-written assignment paper on time.

In the field of nursing, conflicts and use of containment are mainly required in nursing practices and hospital management. Few examples of containment are medication, seclusion, special observation, manual restraint whereas uses of excessive alcohol, suicide, self-harm, and aggression fall under conflict. Are you a nursing student? Do you need help in a safewards mental health practice assignment? If yes, then you may contact Online Assignment Expert to avail the best safewards mental health practice assignment help.

Understand the Safewards Model by Our Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Experts

Safewards model was developed by Prof. Len Bowers and his colleagues in the United Kingdom. This model is mainly derived from the following sources:

  • Examination of comprehensive literature reviews and realistic research concerned to reduce conflict and use containment
  • The research was conducted for many years to exactly identify the containment and conflict
  • Integrative gestalt and reasoned thinking

This model has 6 originating domains such as patient characteristics, physical environment, staff team, regulatory framework, patient community, and outside the hospital. With the help of these domains, the flashpoint is raised. Let's have a look at the Safewards Model.

safewards mental health practice diagram

The above-given diagram explains that you understand the important factors that can affect the containment and conflicts rate. Our Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Experts have explained these terms in detail below.

Staff modifiers: It deals with the acts and ways that follow to take care of the patients and their environment. The staff have the responsibility to cooperate with patients to understand and analyse their conditions.

Patient modifiers: As per the safewards mental health practice assignment experts, patient modifiers are how it deals with the behaviour of the patient and how to respond.

Originating domains: Here, the containment and conflict rate depends on the degree of the available or absent originating domains. Generally, there are six types of originating domains such as regulatory framework, patient characteristics, patient community, outside hospital, physical environment, and staff team.

Flashpoints: These are mainly affected or changed by originating domains. Flashpoints can be explained as psychological and social situations that are impelled by the preceding and signalling forthcoming conflict behaviour.

Containment: Contaminants are the things that are performed in order to prevent conflict at an initial stage or reducing harmful results, for example - special observation, restraint, seclusion, and pain medication.

Conflict: It is about the patient's behaviour that usually threatens other safety like suicide, violence, absconding, self-harm, etc. To know more about this factor, you can consult with experts providing nonstop safewards mental health practice assignment help online in Australia.

10 Safewards Model Interventions to Enhance Safety

The safewards interventions are created to address the different flashpoints defined in the model and minimise the conflict. The safewards models don't acclaim the usage of restrictive interventions, containment and interventions. The objectives of safewards models are described by the professionals providing Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Services.

  • To build and enhance relationships patients and staff
  • Enhance safety and minimise coercion
  • Require less time on containment
  • "‹Fewer injuries and assaults
  • Create a conducive and peaceful environment to support people in recovery

However, the 10 safewards model interventions are listed below. Lets' have a look:

  1. Clear mutual expectations
  2. Know each other
  3. Calm down methods
  4. Talk Down
  5. Mutual help meeting
  6. Soft words
  7. Bad news mitigation
  8. Positive words
  9. Reassurance
  10. Discharge messages

To gain complete understanding and knowledge of each safewards model intervention, you may need the help of Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Help. The best assignment help can be found at Online Assignment Expert where a pool of mental health and nursing assignment experts are working to resolve student's academic concerns.

Types of Assessments Covered Under Safewards Mental Health Practice Study

Students pursuing nursing courses from any of the Australian universities are required to undergo the process of writing assessments. University assessments can be in any form i.e. writing, creating PowerPoint presentation, video presentation, literature review, report, essays, etc. Our Safewards Mental Health Practice Assignment Help experts have written various assignments where they are asked to identify, examine, and critique the research concerned to Safewards and discuss the contextually and effectiveness of this research in the context of Australia. Few assignment samples are given below.

Sample 1

safewards mental health practice Assessment Sample

Sample 2

safewards mental health practice Assessment sample2

To solve these assessment questions, students must refer to the Health Department of Victoria to collect relevant and latest information and details for the task. In topic 1, being a student you are required to select and evaluate the existing research concerned to Safewards. Additionally, present literature discussing the contextually and effectiveness of the program from Australia's point of view. In the sample 2 question, you must discuss the model that fits best to the philosophy of recovery that can help minimize containment and conflict in mental health settings. Therefore, you must know Safewards models to complete this task, if not, then you may need our expert's help in Safewards mental health practice assignment.

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