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Do you want to create a perfect rhetorical essay but have been unable to do so? We know you've been working on a lot of essays but haven't been able to finish them. Don't worry; Online Assignment Expert is here to assist you with Rhetorical Essay Writing Help. We are supported by a team of skilled academic writers that have extensive experience producing the finest rhetorical essays ever.

Writing a rhetorical essay is like “writing about writing” and “dreaming about dreaming”. When you are asked to write a rhetorical essay, you are supposed to look at a topic of your interest by analysing its effect on you and your target audience. Scholars often consider that rhetorical essays are all about a piece of literature or a speech, but to correct you, it can also be about a piece of art, a movie, a video or anything, even a commercial or a billboard that arouses you to think.

In rhetorical essays, the writer looks at the topic in greater detail and proves his viewpoint using effective and persuasive techniques. A rhetorical essay breaks down a non-fiction work into different sections and demonstrates how they certain affect when they work together. So, it’s very vital that you must have enough information available to create an effective rhetorical analysis essay. A rhetorical essay should explore the goal of an author, analysis of the language, purpose of the argument and techniques used. It is also to be noted here that a rhetorical essay is not always supporting or rejecting an argument. Rather, it explains the means by which the author has made an argument along with whether or not the approach used is efficacious.

How to Choose a Topic for a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Rhetorical Essay Devices Strategies

As and when you are contemplating which topic to choose for your rhetorical analysis essay, you must stick to your imaginations and creative notions. Below are stated a few tips on how to choose the topic for your Rhetorical Analysis Essay:

  • Before you decide on the topic, make sure that you are well aware of your target audience.
  • Classify the purpose behind writing the rhetorical essay.
  • It is always better to choose a topic of your interest. This way you will put forth your own ideas and will be more comfortable.
  • Along with the above pointer, you also must ensure that it interests your audience also. A topic that catches attention is worth doing hard work on.
  • To trigger the curiosity of the reader, you can start with a rhetorical question.
  • It is better always to choose a topic that has never been covered.
  • Don’t think that topics for rhetorical analysis for essays are not just restricted to literature. Rather can also be from movies, arts, or any other genre.
  • Do assess the effect of the topic you choose on yourself and on your audience.
  • Last but not least, ensure that you have enough content on the topic.

Unique rhetorical essay topics you can choose to impress your professor

There is no denying that choosing a rhetorical analysis essay is a challenging task. But no issues, we have a few penned down for you below:

  • “A Starry Night” by Van Gogh
  • A billboard that made you think
  • “Soul of a Man” speech in “Remember the Titans.”
  • Talk about Disneyland as The Happiest Place on Earth
  • TedTalk topic like - “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” or any other
  • The movie The Blind Side
  • The meaning behind Mona Lisa’s smile
  • “Eulogy for Beau Biden” by Barack Obama
  • A blog that you are passionate about
  • A popular song
  • Analyse a blog that you follow regularly and state the reasons of it being so influential for you
  • Which rhetorical devices are used in “The Help”?
  • Reasons behind the popularity of talk shows
  • Talk about the biggest lie of marketing any products at a discount
  • What do you think about commercial music?
  • Emotional appeal of L’Oreal in terms of its tagline: “Because You Worth It”
  • “A Red, Red Rose”- define its theme
  • “I am Human” by Maya Angelou
  • “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.
  • “Seize the Day” from Dead Poets Society

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