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We resolve almost every request for the refund by following the terms and conditions listed below.

Expert’s unavailability

This scenario is unlikely to happen but even it does that expert from our end is not available to help you and you have already made your full payment for your assignment help. In this case, you can place any other assignment order which is equal to the cost that you paid. And the amount that you paid will be credited along with 10AUD extra from our end in your Online Assignment Expert wallet.

Well, this is also a scenario that happens once in a blue moon. But if the expert misses the deadline you required and is unable to submit your assignment. Then you can claim a refund which will be resolved after the complete investigation from our customer support team. Any kind of assignment help is a process in which you also have to be involved. So if any query raised from our expert's end is not responded timely by you ( in 12 hours of being posted on the student portal). Or if any kind of lack of information from your end is responsible for this missed deadline then your claim to full or partial refund won’t be entertained.

If in case we get to know that the delay was done from our expert's end then in such case your refund for 50% -100% will be entertained form our end. The refund amount will be credited in your Online Assignment Expert wallet. If any deduction is done then it is as a tax against the expert who was been paid completely for your work. Strict action will be taken against the academic writer or exert if they make any delay in your work. The decision takes by our customer support team as per the refund policy will be considered final in any of such cases.

Receiving a fail grade on the assignment work service

This is almost impossible to happen but if it does happen that you receive a fail grade on the work submitted by us you can claim for the refund. But for the claim, you need to submit a copy of your authentic mark sheet or grade sheet along with your professor’s feedback. It should be done within the span of 60 days after you received your solution for the order you placed. The grade sheet submitted by you will be verified and we will check whether the low grade was due to the writing style or the solution provided is not up to the mark from your grading index and for your assessment of the learning outcomes.

If we find that the shortcoming was from our experts then your 50%-100% refund will be accepted from our end. The refund amount will be credited in your Online Assignment Expert wallet.

The decision taken by our customer support team will be final and if the refund request is done after 60 days as mentioned above then it won’t be entertained.

Important note

Any kind of assignment help is a subjective service. Our experts leave no stone unturned and give the best of their efforts, knowledge, and reference so that you can achieve a good grade on your assignment. But to achieve a good grade your dedication is also seen as an important factor. The complete process that we follow for tutoring is designed so that it has no loopholes that create problems with your work. And also the integrity of the tutoring domain in mine we do not support any cash refunds other than the cases mentioned in clause 1.9. We provide you with the wallet service which is credited with the refunds you get and later you can use the amount for purchasing any new service from us.

Guarantee for money-back*

You can request for money back if your work submitted us received a fail grade.

We do process any cash refunds and all the refund is credited in the Online Assignment Expert wallet that you have.

The user can only claim for the money-back guarantee if they provide the original grade sheet report and the verification is done by our customer support team.

The CS team decision is taken as the final decision as they reflect the findings related to the case thoroughly.

You can not avail the money-back guarantee* if:

  • Your order has a partial payment which is pending
  • The submission deadline for your assignment is less than or equal to 72 hours.
  • The 60 days have been passed after providing you with the solution for your assignment.

Scenarios or cases which are not eligible for the refund claim:

  • If the submission deadline of your work is less than or equal to 72 hours then no refund request will be entertained.
  • We do not accept any refund request if your payment of the service is partially paid.
  • We consider tutorial help equal to the assignment help and so no cash refund is supported other than the exception mentioned in clause 1.9.
  • The refund request is accepted only if you have been noticed as an active user (clause 3.2) and has provided all the required information to our experts.
  • We accept the refund request done through the formal portal provided as the client’s student portal. Any refund request through social media or any other mail will not be considered as formal communication.
  • Online Assignment Expert is the platform for education help and so we only accept the refund request done within 60 days from the solution was uploaded. The day on which the solution was uploaded on your dashboard is taken as the date of delivery.

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