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We find it our moral responsibility to provide you with learning via all the ethical ways and so our tolerance is zero if our material is misused.

We believe that learning should not be boring or a burden on anyone! With this objective, we attempt to help in the academic field to the students. The team of our experts or the tutors take immense pain and responsibility of researching and bringing a well-informed resource as a reference for the students. And we mentioned this because we do not believe in or support any short-cuts!

It is factual that by providing students with our course material we encourage them to pursue a diligent path for their studies. We do not support and denounce any kind of duplicate of our material or any paraphrased or copy-paste of our assignment. Our motive is to help the student get the clarity and good understating on any complex subject. By any means, we do not support students calling our work as their own. And encourage them to drag out their unique output by going through and studying our materials.

Making the assignments simple

We help students with their assignments and assist them to submit noteworthy and well-founded assignments. We aim to provide thought-provoking material to study which asks the student to generate a curious learning temperament.

Our experts provide the subject matter form the resources, books, gazettes, and institutional reports, etc. which are high-brow and have verified content.

We come up with an attentive effort for the students to bring together original, informative, and descriptive resources. And from the students using our portal, we expect the same ethical code of conduct to be followed.

We dedicate our service to make the students master the complex subjects by simplifying them or the research process. And we also commit ourselves towards the protection of our work against duplications and misrepresentation.

We tend to follow integrity having high moral code and we also expect our users to follow the same. We are bound to take strict action against anyone who is found guilty for misusing our material, indulging in plagiarism, copyright infringement, or any unauthorized reproduction. Online Assignment Expert does not entertain or tolerate using its material in any kind of duplicate facsimiles like:

  1. For completing any homework or academic assignment copying half or full part of our study materials.
  2. Broadcasting or publishing of our ant copyrighted work.
  3. Other than attaining conceptual clarity and knowledge using our study material for any other purpose.
  4. For presenting any part of our material on your name/ pretending your original work in any institution.

If you agree to our terms and conditions you will be bounded by our terms of use, ethical code of honour and intellectual property rights policy. We have our policies in strict adherence under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)We restrict our services for anyone who is found violating our academic code of honour.

Commitment against the Academic misconduct:

We strictly stand against anything which supports academic wrongdoings and believes in the purity of education. If we found anyone violating our academic code of honour they will be facing strict action against them. We have made it clear that our academic work is meant strictly to gain conceptual clarity and for inference. Firm penal action is taken by us on anyone found misusing our copyrighted work.

As we are an organization and so any we follow high ethical standards and do not tolerate any offence from our code of honour. We do not support any kind of breach or violation of our code of ethics. For providing academic aid to the students our researches inspect the resources thoroughly and then bring them all together. Our motto is to help the student in excelling in academic performance without stressing their pocket for the tutoring.

We trust the students for using our resources ethically and follow our academic policies. As we believe in our ethics of equity and provide the best quality solution to the education problems to make student's life better and easier. Not only ours, but the student also need to follow the code of ethics that is mentioned by their respective institution.

Strict commitment to the standard ethical practices:

It is evident through our resources that we stand against any academic misconduct. The ideas which we show in our study material are the original work done by our writers. We also have the necessary copyrights for their work and we also provide proper credit to the authors if their work is presented in our study materials along with proper citations. We respect and work with the ethical responsibility to maintain a transparent and honest workflow while referring to the work of any authors.

Compliance with agreed academic custom:

  • We have committed the establishment of the ethical practice for referring to the highly reputable and trustworthy source of the information for our material research.
  • The facts and figures presented in our work is accurate
  • We do not support and reject any suspicious sources while scholars tutoring process.
  • The study resources which we use are verified by factual checking, proofreading by experts, edited ruthlessly, and then is passed on to the students. The academic work which we provide has to pass a high verification check.
  • We do acknowledge the authors or creators who own the original work and that work is used by us in our material.
  • The data which we collected is from well-establishes resources, institutional reports, renowned authors, etc.
  • We do not consider any second-grade material to be complied with within our work and focus on the quality of the work we provide.

sync with the anti-plagiarism standards

We have given our commitment to the quality work and we also provide the Turnitin report to the students along with the study resources. We do not tolerate any plagiarism and our writers are expected and bonded to follow high standards of creative integrity. We also indulge in the universal accepted methods and standards of proofreading and text-matching to detect the plagiarism and any facts that have been misrepresented.

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We care about your Academics

In the noble endeavour of enhancing academia for university scholars in Australia, we are committed to the academic integrity guidelines issued by Australian universities Online Assignment Experts is a platform to connect academic experts with students for facilitating ONLY online learning routines through remote classes and doubt clearance sessions which does not amount to writing assignments for students or helping students with online exams.

Please provide your consent to our academic integrity policy to further use our website and services.

I have read and understood the academic integrity guidelines under which your website strictly operates and provides educational information and services. I confirm that I shall/will not submit any information availed on or through as my own academic assessment or as an academic paper. I fully understand that the information (paid and free), I get from your domain/services (including: model assignment paper, sample assignment references, any information availed through online expert classes) is only meant for my better understanding of the academic learning outcomes and MUST be used under a strict compliance as dictated under guidelines of Academic Integrity.
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