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Petroleum Engineering Assignment Help

In the 21st century, the study of petroleum engineering is no longer easy. It is a discipline that requires strong knowledge in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Petroleum engineering is comprised of formation evaluation, geology, economics, drilling technology, geostatistics, fluid flow in porous media, and formation evaluation. Moreover, there are many activities and tasks that a student has to undergo during their higher study and one of them is an assignment.

"Where could I get the best petroleum engineering assignment help?" is a question posted by university scholars over the internet. Those students are advised to connect to Online Assignment Expert where subject-matter experts are available to provide all the academic support.

Petroleum engineering is a branch of engineering that is related to the production and fabrication of hydrocarbons, which is also used as natural gas or crude oil. This field of engineering was introduced in 1914 within the AIME. AIME stands for the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering. The first petroleum engineering was bestowed by the University of Pittsburgh in the year 1915. Since then a lot of changes have been made in the petroleum engineering study. Few units have been eliminated and some are added as per the change and benefits of students.

Our Petroleum Engineering Experts are Well-Versed with All Categories of This Domain

Petroleum engineering has a broad field and thus it is categorised in three different branches, i.e., Reservoir, Production, and Drilling. Students pursuing courses like Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum) (Honours), PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Engineering, and Master of Engineering Science (Petroleum Engineering), etc. must know about the classification of petroleum engineering. Our petroleum engineering assignment help experts have help thousands of students to score excellent grades in the following domains:

  1. Reservoir Engineering - The reservoir engineering deals in discovering and establishing the ways to preserve petroleum beneath the ground. It requires knowledge to apply the ideas of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.
  2. Drilling Engineering - The branch of petroleum engineering levers the technical feature of drilling including injection, exploratory, and manufacturing. Additionally, drilling engineering is also inculpated in planning, supervising, measuring, and evaluating the amount/ expense for drilling. This part can be sub-categorised in several groups like Completions Engineering, work over Engineering, deep water Drilling Engineering, and Well-abandonment engineering.
  3. Production Engineering - Production engineering provides knowledge to handle the line between the reservoir and the well including perforations, sand control, down whole flow control, and down whole monitoring equipment. It also shows the ways to calculate artificial lifting methods and select surface equipment separating natural gas, water, and oil.

Topics and Materials Provided by Our Petroleum Engineering Assignment Help Experts

Petroleum engineering is a broad field to study requires knowledge of economics, mathematics, physics, etc. as we have discussed earlier. Apart from this, students must be aware of the latest technology adaptation and stay updated with the development of petroleum engineering to write the best piece of petroleum engineering assignment. University can ask students to draft a paper on any topics related to mobility, cloud computing, 4D Seismic Technology, etc. However, our petroleum engineering assignment experts have discussed few trending petroleum engineering assignments topics:

petroleum engineering project topics

These are the top 10 project topics for students studying petroleum engineering courses in Australia. Now the question is "how to find sufficient materials for writing petroleum engineering assignments?" So, here is the answer to this query.

Best Ways to Find Materials for Assignments

The study of petroleum engineering has changed from conventional to modern processes. Different newer technologies have been introduced to perform multiple activities involved in Petrophysics, Reservoir engineering, Petroleum Geology, and Petroleum Geophysics. Similarly, the processes of writing assignments also have changed from the ancient style of writing to modern style where students are required to conduct in-depth research from different authentic resources. Few resources are defined by our petroleum engineering assignment experts.


The online database is one of the best platforms to find information and data for your assignment. Through the database, students can examine quality information including peer-reviewed articles and journals. Few lists of databases are listed below:

  • OnePetro
  • Drilling Contractor
  • ScienceDirect
  • Scopus
  • SciFinder

To get help in finding a perfect database for your project, contact our experts providing petroleum engineering assignment services in Australia.

Oil and Gas Journal

The Oil and Gas Journal is one of the widest read petroleum industry publications. This journal provides the newest international oil and gas-related news, practical technology for designing, events and issues analysis, statistics for international activity and market, and operation and maintenance. Thus, it can be quite helpful for university scholars and writers as well as to find the latest changes, news, and adaptation in the field of petroleum engineering.


PetroWiki was generated from the 7-volume Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH) and published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Here, it reserves the PEH content in infrangible form whereas SPE's membership expands and updates published content.

The PetroWiki content is toned-down by a minimum of two subject matter expertise members that show that the information available at PetroWiki is technically correct.

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