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Organizational Behaviour is defined as the study of behaviour undertaken by various individuals while they are made to work in an organisational setup. This study highlights the interface between the organization and individual by considering the aspect of human behaviour. The interaction of people working in organizational setup thus aims at improving the efficiency of business. Thus, scientific approach of human behaviour study is applied to management of human resources.

Organizational Behaviour is a well-defined subject in some of the leading universities of the Australia. This subject requires the students to have in depth understanding about human behaviour and its impact the performance of people working in a group and thus ultimately in the company as a whole. Students therefore search for Organizational Behaviour assignment help from experts to undertake assignments on Organizational Behaviour.

Approaches of Organizational Behaviour

There are some approaches used to study human behaviour of employees while they work in the organizational setup. These are follows:

  1. Inter disciplinary approach- the interdisciplinary approach used in study of human behavoir takes into consider some of the major disciplines of social science including sociology, psychology etc. In this approach various disciplines associated with an individual is integrated and thus an individual is studied as a whole.
  2. Supportive or human resources approach- this is a facilitative and developmental approach and is thus opposed to the traditional approach which focuses on the assumption that employees are driven by managers. The approach thus aims at encouraging responsibilities, abilities and self control within individuals.
  3. Contingency approach- the contingency approach is commonly referred to as the situational approach where it is assumed that all the principles of human behaviour cannot be applied to all situations at all times. Thus this approach considers various situational factors after analysing diverse cases.
  4. System approach- the system approach considers organization as social system and thus defines the interdependence and relationship of various factors that play a key role in the social system that influence individuals in an organization.
  5. Productivity approach- the productivity approach is extension of the traditional approach where the traditional approach considered economic inputs as most important element for productivity. The productivity approach thus considers the aspect of human behaviour as important in improving the overall performance and thus productivity of the company.

Organizational Behaviour assignments include a number of theory-questions that are at times very complex with respect to the knowledge of an average student. This brings Organizational Behaviour assignment help services in the picture which students tend to avail.

Organisational behaviour approaches

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