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New Product Development Assignment Help: Bringing an Idea to Market

Take our impeachable new product development assignment help with the help of our experts at Online Assignment Expert.Leading your idea for an innovative product to see the light of the day is often one of the most substantial obstacles for students in universities or experienced professionals. Product advancement can differ from person to person or organization. No one can clearly define the exact steps to create a new product from scratch, and many times an origin story of other fantastic products seldom follows a straight line.

Product Development is considered the utmost part of the marketing curriculum and teaches business scholars. The students who are allotted the assessments related to marketing and product-based might have come across the concept mentioned below. We have found that the students have fewer time dues to which they fail to identify the product as per the end-users.

Many students apply the wrong research techniques, and the data don't come out as accurate. Are you searching for BIAE2002 new product development samples and assessment help online?

Then Online Assignment Expert is taking this task in their hand. We are the best assignment writing service from which students can choose from when they begin to wander off and search for assignment help. We are a team of prolific writers that assist you and give an adequate understanding of the subject through our live sessions.

Purpose of New Product Development Assignment Help

Online Assignment Expert has written product development and new products-based assignments that focus on transforming the current product to a new product. Our expert has studied the market, and they are the working professional who applies the best marketing aspect in your assignment to promote the product to the customer.

Every product mentioned in the online new product development assignment help follows the steps that are design, construction, conceptualization, and marketing. The main purpose of product development is to improve the business share.

In case you are a university student, then it is mandatory to drive the data with the help of Quantitative market research and have to incorporate the same methodology in every level of the product designing method. For more help, our experts at Online Assignment Expert are always available and ready to write the new product report from scratch that gets the best marks and also impresses your professors.

Basically, new products can be divided into the subsequent four categories:

Original to the World:

A product that is totally made from scratch and is new to the world means it serves as an innovative creation that never came out in the market before. The products that we see nowadays used to come into this category, such as a microprocessor, post-its, television, and microwave. These products were new and innovative when they came out for the first time, and now they are old and most used ones in the world.

Original for the Company:

This means they are not innovative or new for the world, and we have seen such products before. But these products are new for any specific business. Companies develop their contribution to raise their status and increase the business. Such as ITC different segments like apparel and food products, and many new companies add new product lines all the time to come under it.

Extensions to Product Line:

It means the company and anyone who has many products but decides to add more products to the current product line. It is done to satisfy the evolving customer and aggressive markets or competitions. For example, Nokia added Asha and iPhone, adding several product lines.

Product Development:

To involve the linear type of product development many times, the products are improved. For example, Sony welcomed its customer feedback and improved its camera features by making it waterproof.

BIAE2002 new product development assignment questions and marking rubrics that we have worked on are given below.

new product development casestudy

new product development casestudy expert

new product development casestudy sample

Steps included in the New Product Development Assignment Help

Unique product development helps to bring out the original product idea to the target audience. Although it varies by business, we have mentioned the five major stages to develop your own product in the BIAE2002 new product development assignment.

Idea Creation

The first step is to generate an original idea for a product and also iterating upon a current product. Our experts use the method called the "SCAMPER model". It is an effective way to produce an idea for your assignment instantly by asking product-related questions:

  • Substitute (wasabi in spicy taste)
  • Combine (a torch and batteries)
  • Adapt (insoles for the shoes)
  • Modify (electric compact hand fan in new colours)
  • Put to another use (cat beds)
  • Removal (selling the jewellery directly to the customers instead of using the middlemen)
  • Reverse (an exercise mat that helps you do yoga without slipping on the floor)

It is a well-organized and continuous method to generate ideas. The experts give you the original product ideas that are not copied from anywhere and help you by doing the complete internal or external analysis as the foundation for this step.

Idea Screening and Researching

In this case, there is the scope of giving the new product idea and also there is a chance to get your idea rejected by the people involved in the process. So, to make sure your idea remains intact and bring it to develop further, our experts evaluate them beforehand and only work on the ones that come out in shining armour!

The research is also conducted to have a solid ground before the product is in the production stage. Product research guarantees you're building a product customer will love and use it.

The research will also necessarily include a contentious analysis. Make an idea or niche that has the full proof chance to take off. See what your rival is selling well and why their products are better than yours?

It will let you learn how they bring buyers and make sales. It is important in determining your own competing advantage.

Idea Development and Trial

In this stage, select your niche and target audience for whom you are creating the product and try to get the proper feedback from them. The relevant adjustments are made according to the customer's demand. Idea development is an essential step to improve the odds of achieving the final new product.

When you take the android assignment help, we ultimately address companies or start looking for the materials through which your product will come to life. The best way is to create a sketch or blueprint of what your new product will resemble. Make it detailed and marks the different characteristics and roles.

Market Analysis

Decide how your new product is feasible and determine its selling points. You should know how much you will earn and how much you will experience if the product doesn't work out. The expert helps you to study the market and evaluation of all these factors. The new product can only be successful if the objective and end product meet the market's demand and don't fail because of the competition. Online new product development assignment help experts make the business plans and do the market research as per your requirements.

Product and Prototyping Development

This step gives you the product that mimics your actual product so that you can make the modifications and process it for the testing process. Many companies run their prototype through the customers to see if they like the feature, look, or functions of it. The users' feedback plays an essential part in checking where the product is a fail or a success.

In Australia, there are many art and fashion universities where they have to include the courses to develop these products' prototypes.


When the product prototype comes out good and checks on all the product specs, then you are ready to start contacting the production companies to develop the product for selling and business. The expert has created the best assignments that include the best means to collect the substances and know about the supply chain and what supplies to develop a product.

This step also includes the shipping, warehouse, and customer easy access to the product.

new product development assignment help

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