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Mobile Radio Communication and Wireless Access Assignment Help through expert mentoring sessions in Australia

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Mobile Radio Communication and Wireless Access Assignment Help through expert mentoring sessions in Australia

Does the unpredictable and dynamic nature of wireless communication terminologies trouble you? Are you unable to complete your assignments before the deadline? We will help you sort your issues out. Our Mobile radio communication and wireless access assignment help is the highest-rated academic service available online. To avail our services, just fill the form and discuss your assignment issues with mobile radio communication and wireless access assignment experts. They can guide you with your assessment task requirements and the formatting style as mentioned in your assessment brief.

Mobile radio communication links the transmitter and receiver using electromagnetic waves. The two communicating devices can be either stationary or moving. This technology is growing rapidly across the world. Wireless access means connecting a Wi-Fi with the hardware networking devices in a network. Wireless communication is affected due to the physical phenomenon: reflection, scattering, and diffraction. Since the frequency bands are limited, sometimes it becomes difficult to transmit information from one point to another.

Can You Explain To Me The History of Wireless Communication In Mobile Computing?

Wireless communication is the mode of data communication using a wireless channel. The first wireless phone was invented in 1880 by "Alexander Graham Bell" and "Charles Sumner Tainter." They had named it "Photophone", a device communicating using the sunlight. But photophone working fails when there is no clear line of sight. However, these mobile phones were useful in military communication, which was then converted to "fiber-optic communication". Before the introduction of electromagnetic waves, several methods were used for electrical signaling.

In 1888, Marconi experimented with radio waves and was successful in transmitting them to a very long distance, which no one ever thought of. Then began the "wireless revolution" from the 1990s. Digital techniques for wireless communication became more advanced due to the emergence of "radio frequency and microwave engineering" fields. This enabled communication networks to shift from analog to digital signal processing methods. As a result of this communication errors reduced and the voice traffic increased in the form of SMSs, images, and media.

The core element of all these advancements is Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET). MOSFETs help in long-distance communication by amplifying the RF signals. You know what MOSFET is the core building component of every modern mobile network you use: "2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G." The base stations, radio transceivers, and the RF circuits in the wireless communication devices have been built using MOSFETs.

What Are The Different Types Of Mobile Wireless Communication?

Radar communication

This was the first wireless communication technique developed. Radar communication is used in the military for detecting the position of an enemy or target. It works on the principle of reflection. Experts at Online Assignment Expert say that RADAR transmits EM waves in the direction of the target, the amount of EM waves received to decide the position of the target. However, during storms due to the doppler's effect, communication intensity decreases. Some of the applications of this type of communication system are in aircraft tracking, birds in the sky, ships in the sea, etc.

Satellite communication

This type of wireless communication method has allowed users to connect while sitting anywhere in the world. When a beam of a radio wave is sent to the satellite, it amplifies the beam and sends it back towards the receiving antenna situated on the earth's surface. There are two main components of satellite communication, "space segment" and "ground segment".


You must be using this wireless communication in your daily life. This is a low-power method of wireless communication generally used by cell phones, laptops, televisions, etc. Wi-Fi needs to be secured by strong passwords, if not done, it will be easy for others to access your Wi-Fi. And you don't want that. Right? Wi-Fi is connected to the hub wirelessly and allows the users to connect to it when they are in a proximate range of the router.


Bluetooth technology enables you to connect to any electronic device in a wireless mode. You can easily transfer the data through wireless communication. For instance, you might be connecting your smartphone to your laptop using the Bluetooth, or connection of a wireless mouse or keyboard to the PC.

What Are Some of The Wireless Communication Assignment Topics I Should Know?

Our Mobile radio communication and wireless access assignment help experts have been assisting scholars for years. The assignments mainly include a proper explanation of the questions in the assessment brief. Our experts also include various graphs and figures for explaining a concept. Any scholar who faces difficulties in solving wireless communication questions can chat with our experts to clarify their doubts. Students generally, "can someone write my essay on wireless communication?" Yes, we write high-quality essays also. Our professionals know about your university formatting requirements. Some of the topics related to wireless communications assignments done by our experts are as follows:

  • Mobile communication
  • Antenna and its types
  • Case study on the evolution of wireless communication
  • Cellular era
  • Open Source Interconnection model (OSI)
  • Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Computer system organization
  • Wireless access networks

This analysis has been done by our experts on the MATLAB software. They have generated a 3-D response pattern for the experiment done by one of our clients. Do you have similar practical assignments in your coursework? If you need help with the mobile radio communication assignment, just fill the form we will call you.

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When ordering an assignment service, you need not worry about deadlines. Our experts who provide mobile radio communication and wireless access assignment help start working immediately once they are clear with the instructions.

Therefore, it's easy for them to complete your assignments within the deadlines. If you need any sample work done by our mobile radio communication and wireless access assignment expert, feel free to contact us.

All of our assignment writing services are affordable for university scholars. Most of you and your friends might be working part-time. Mobile radio communication and wireless access assignment help will completely support you as we have several discounts and offers running often. Hurry, order your assignment today!

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