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Law Memo Writing Help

The law courses in colleges and universities have law memo as an integral part of the curriculum. Law memos are often given to students as graded assignments with strict deadlines. Though it is not something that can particularly cause you trouble, the lack of support from faculties and the absence of any law memo writing help may overwhelm a student. Law memo writing is an inseparable part of the career of a law practitioner. As it is a legal document, writing a law memorandum would help in structuring, justifying and explaining a case or an argument to the colleagues or partner law firms. When challenged with a Law memo assignment, the technicality and nuances are such that it can easily submerge a student into depth and width of it. To top it all. As it is a legal document, it is expected from a student to prepare it with in-depth analysis and it's well-thought implications.

Though, it can get difficult to accommodate a law memo writing task by a student in his/her tight schedule, our law memo writing expert can help you with exactly what a student would want in dreams.

What Is A Law Memo And How To Complete The Assignment?

A memorandum is generally an informal record written or presented in the form of brief written notes, particularly of a legal document or a transaction. It aids parties and individual law practitioners to remember the legal technicalities and implications for legal reference. It may also be presented in front of the court to validate a contract in particular or to validate the event.

A law memo has to be written in a manner such that it stays brief yet covers all the key details and technicalities. It also is required in some circumstances to be written in a convincing manner highlighting and putting forward the key aspects and strengths of your client or your case.

Law memo writing assignments also deters away students as they can be sometimes un-interesting or one may fail to take out time for completing it. We have our team of experts and professionals that can help you complete your assignment with our law memorandum writing services to help you complete your assignment on time.

order your legal memo assignment

order your legal memo assignment

Structure of a Law Memo

Law memos like any other legal document are supposed to follow a particular format. The format is adjusted according to the type of case on very rare occasions. Discussed below is the generic structure of a law memo laying a fundamental format for the memo.

Title or Heading

A title should have the gist of the matter and situation that is presented in the memo. The heading should also include the author's identity, the recipient of the memo and the date. As there can be multiple legal memorandums attached to the case, you have to use a number sequence when attaching multiple memos at once.

Question Presented

There should be a mention of the purpose of the memo or the question that needs to be evaluated/ presented or put forward in the motion.

A Brief

The brief of the matter should be written in a convincing format such that it covers the key aspects of the matter or a situation.

Present Facts

Any facts that need to be stated should be stated briefly for a record. The facts and the information about the client should be always presented in an objective manner to prevent any confusion.


It should include the arguments made by both parties and points stated if any. The discussion can be put forward in any of the two manners. The generic format is I.R.A.C (Issue/Rule/Analysis/Conclusion). Another option is C.I.R.A.C or Conclusion-Issue-Rule-Analysis-Conclusion.


It should include the arguments made by both parties and points stated if any. The discussion can be put forward in any of the two manners. The generic format is I.R.A.C (Issue/Rule/Analysis/Conclusion). Another option is C.I.R.A.C or Conclusion-Issue-Rule-Analysis-Conclusion.


A conclusion should be drawn in the end after meticulously considering the statements, facts, and discussions presented above.

Good thing that you have followed till here. If there are any queries or you need help with understanding, please feel free to contact our experts and get some credible law memo writing help. We also have our repository of samples for legal memo writing that might be of help and guide you through the process of legal memo writing.

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Our law assignment experts and a team of professional individuals have undergone the pain and struggle of going through law school and they understand your struggle as well. Though the tasks of the assignment are supposed to provide foundational elements of a curriculum, too many assignments can be overburdening and may burn you out. Our team is ready and willing to help you with the assignment assistance services.

order your law memo assignment

order your law memo assignment

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