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Lattice energy is a measure of the strength of the ionic bonds in an ionic compound. It provides insight into several properties of ionic solids including their volatility, their solubility, and their hardness. The lattice energy of an ionic solid cannot be measured directly. Well, comprehending science paradise is not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore, at times you may require a lattice energy assignment help in Australia. We will assist you in compiling your assignments within the deadline and will help you in achieving your dream marks.

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Calculating the Change in Energy for the Formation of NACL (Born-Haber Cycle)

As per our lattice energy assignment experts- The lattice energy can be defined as the energy that must be provided to one mole of an ionic crystal in order to distribute it into gaseous ions in a vacuum via an endothermic process. The quantity will always hold a positive value.

There are some sources that define lattice energy in the opposite manner- The amount of energy delivered when an ionic solid is determined from its gaseous ionic constituents via an exothermic process. The lattice energy must always hold a negative value.

Sodium chloride can be completed via two systems:

Direct Method: This method is used when the metallic sodium reacts with chlorine gas to form sodium chloride.

Indirect method: This method helps in forming sodium chloride that involves several levels:

  • Sublimation of sodium: Solid sodium varieties to gaseous sodium via a sublimation process. The energy expected for this to happen is the sublimation energy (+S).
  • The ionization of sodium: The sodium atom loses an electron to form a sodium ion. The energy needed is called an ionization potential (+IP).
  • Dissociation of chlorine: The chlorine molecule separates into two chlorine atoms, the energy needed is termed as dissociation energy (+D/2).
  • Formation of chloride ion: The Cl atom acquires an electron to determine chloride ion. The energy released is the electron affinity (-Ea).
  • Formation of Sodium Chloride: Sodium ions blend with chloride ions to form sodium chloride. The quantity of energy released is the lattice energy.

Moreover, the value of ΔHf is equal to the sum of all the energies mentioned above. If you want to learn more about the lattice enthalpy and lattice energy then you are required to seek lattice energy assignment help online from us.

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What Does Lattice Energy Assignment Mean?

Lattice energy is termed as the strength of a bond amidst the ionic mixtures. When the compounds accumulate, they either receive or release energy. Furthermore, Ionic bonds are formed for releasing heat, which is also termed as an exothermic process. The amount of heat energy discharged while the formation of the band would be equal to the amount of energy needed to break the bond.

Comparison between Lattice Energy and Lattice Enthalpy

The molar lattice energy of an ionic crystal can be represented as a molar lattice enthalpy, pressure, and change in volume via the subsequent equation:

ΔGU = ΔGH – pΔVm


  • ΔGU denotes the molar lattice energy.
  • ΔGH denotes the molar lattice enthalpy.
  • ΔVm is the change in volume (per mole).
  • P is the pressure.

The outer pressure is also analysed when determining the lattice energies of ionic solids.

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