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Language acquisition is the mechanism through which humans develop the ability to analyze and communicate meaning. Putting it differently, the course of language acquisition improves students’ potential to be conscious of and grasp language along with the capacity to generate and utilize words and phrases for communication. The ability for natural speech is reflected in the mind.

The program related to Language Acquisition obliges the student to apply the best pedagogical practices along with extensive research and analysis. Nonetheless, students feel unable to consider such technicalities and ruin their assignments associated with this coursework. On the other hand, specialists at Online Assignment Expert are well-versed with all the fundamental principles and theories connected with language acquisition. Such experts will be extremely beneficial in assisting you in obtaining high grades when completing Language Acquisition assignments.

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What is language acquisition?

Although most humans interact by an adaptive capacity to generate a small range of coherent vocalizations or also partly trained mechanisms no other species has been discovered to present that can articulate limitless ideas (sentences) using a limited collection of signs. Language acquisition ability is remarkable enough in itself due to the mastery of specific skills required to acquire the language that students aspire to understand. 

are you aware from language acquisition

There are numerous theories interlinked with this topic and our experts can help you understand each of them with our Language Acquisition assignment help. Veteran writers at Online Assignment Expert have brought such theories in your consideration with the below demonstration:

  1. Conditioning theory: Language acquisition and management, according to behaviorists such as B.F. Skinner is an acquired habit. According to behaviorists, students learn by affiliating occurrences, a process called classical conditioning. Additionally, we adapt from the use of incentives and penalties, a phenomenon called operant conditioning. Another part of behaviorism is the study and copying of others. For in-depth knowledge of such aspects, avail our Language Acquisition Assignment Help with us now.
  2. Noam Chomsky’s linguistic theory: He is a translator and psychologist who have contributed to how behaviorists such as Skinner learn language production. Chomsky argues that babies and toddlers acquire vocabulary at a rate that defies simple explanation through behaviorist rules. Chomsky asserts that children studying a language combine terms in novel forms, resulting in meaningful phrases they never had learned previously. Chomsky maintains that students build language and speech laws and implement these in their unique way. Since learners may not have encountered people using laws in such an incorrect manner, Chomsky developed another hypothesis of linguistic knowledge.
  3. Skinner’s theory of language development: Skinner offered one of the first experimental accounts for language learning. As a founder of behaviorism, he proposed that language acquisition occurs as a result of climate remediation. Skinner contended that learners acquire vocabulary by behaviorist concepts by aligning terms with their definitions. When an infant grasps the conversational meaning of terms and sentences, correct utterances are positively strengthened. For instance, when a child says 'milk' and the mother smiles and gives her more, the child would consider such a consequence pleasing, thus promoting language development. You can get more information about such theorists by taking our Assignment Help Australia into consideration.

However, the scholars who view language acquisition from a Universal Grammar viewpoint advocate for high efficiency, or young older person's comprehension of speech. On the other hand, constructivist studies recommend a more incremental growth process. It is suggested that students are perceptive to a target language, which facilitates the acquisition phase.

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Here’s a Language Acquisition Assignment Sample, which has been undertaken by one of our assignment help experts while considering all the learning outcomes and marking rubrics:

Language Acquisition Assignment Sample

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