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International relations are a subject that helps us to understand the work process of the world. It is the study of relations between sovereign countries. This study of political, economic, geographical, historical, and social interaction of states is also known as International affairs or International studies. It deals with the many aspects of international matters like trade, war, foreign policy, diplomacy, etc. The interaction and relations of a sovereign country with international organisations like the European Union, United Nations, or World Health Organisation also come under it. Many people see international relations as a part of political science. However, it generally remains focused on international matters such as international law, international economics, cultural anthropology, and world history rather than national matters.

The importance of international relations is high because it gives prioritise to topics like global warming, global poverty, humans rights, globalisation, and climate change. All these priorities of international relations are quite valuable for the betterment of mankind. Elements of subjects like economics, political science, law, and history are present in it. So, one can say that international relations are a mixture of various subjects. The vast nature of this field has increased its complexity. The debate on defining international relations as a sub-disciple of political science or multidisciplinary field of various subjects does not matter much. Some universities have added it in their curriculum as a sub-disciple of political science and some added it as an independent or multidisciplinary field.

The significance of International relations in the era of globalisation

As we know, that the world is getting more interconnected in the 21st century. So, the interaction on various aspects of mankind has become important for the overall development of humans. Numerous treaties between the countries are the gift of international relations. It helps many countries to take valuable initiatives. Some of these are given below:-

  • The cultural exchange has boosted the development of human culture. It is benefitting the individuals in upscaling their quality and style of life. The option to adopt different culture has increased and everybody is adopting the most suitable culture for themselves.
  • Countries are working together to counter global issues like terrorism and pandemic. The sharing of information and technology among the countries has made things easier to tackle the threat to human beings.
  • The global policies for trade have positively impacted the economy and wealth of all the countries. Now the people of every country are getting all the facilities that are available around the world. It has made the life of humans convenient.
  • The ease in traveling process due to international relations is helping multi-national companies to get the service of capable employees around the world.

Careers in the field of International relations

We provide online International Relations Assignment Help through online training to management students so that they can pursue bachelor's or master's degrees in international relations. Often they find careers in the fields given below:-  

career options for international relations degree holder
  • Diplomat- They formally represent their country to foreign countries, where they are staying. They talk about the collective decisions for the interest of both countries and try to enhance the relationship between the two nations.
  • Political analysts- They generally work for media houses and analyse policies and decisions made by the government. They also work for political parties as an adviser. The ruling party also hires them as a representative of the government's decision.
  • Lobbyists- They work for NGOs, corporations, associations, etc., and talk with the government about policies that will benefit their organisation. They also attend meetings that are related to their company's interests.
  • Intelligence expert-They gets employed in intelligence agencies of the country and perform various tasks such as gathering critical information, evaluating data and statistics, creating reports, etc. Their objective remains focused on the interest of the country.

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Samples of International Relations Assignment Help through online training
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