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A method that has been developed to make the construction project delivery smoother by involving all the aspects of designing, constructing, and fabricating under one umbrella is recognized as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). An Australian university focuses on the learning of the IPD system because in Australia it brings the opportunity of addressing the issues regarding Alliance form. This topic cannot be treated like a piece of cake as it needs you to focus on every aspect but with the assignment due date on your head, it can be challenging. This is the reason that we offer you expert guidance for your integrated project delivery approaches assignment help.

Online Assignment Expert lets you join the knowledgeable company of the subject expert who will not only provide you with this project management help but will also let you learn the insights regarding this topic. Our experts have helped many university students to curate HD Grade worthy solution papers.

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We do have professionals with us who have core knowledge about the IPD system and its uses. They have also completed the assignment PGMT6821 integrated project delivery work:

PGMT6821 integrated project delivery assignment sample

PGMT6821 integrated project delivery assignment solution

The above sample was completed by our assignment helper on time and was in the required format. This sample was created to attain the given marking rubric by the university and was one of the best approaches for understanding the construction technology.

What are the benefits of using Integrated Project Delivery?

IPD is an effective delivery method and here are the four major benefits of using it:

  • With its innovative designs and new technology IPD adds better value within the owner or stakeholders to complete the project on time. It keeps them motivated for the management of budget, on-time delivery, and quality work.
  • Due to the early contracts and discussion of the stakeholders the objectives behind the project becomes clear and it all possible because of IPD, so it won’t be wrong if we say that IPD brings transparency to the process of construction.
  • Communicating becomes easier with IPD as it has one stakeholder team so no third party is involved. Due to this reason discussing any part of the project has become easier as it clarifies the goals. All the architects, contractors, and others related to the project are well connected by the flow of correct information.
  • IPD has shown the traits of saving on the budget which means it has decreased the project cost. Traditional methods included a third party and were very confusing when the time was discussed because the payment was made according to the hours spent on the construction. Now everything is crystal clear and no third party cost is involved which makes managing the budget easy.

These were some of the uses of IPD which should be known by the person who is researching or learning about the topic as it can be beneficial for the integrated project delivery approaches assignment help.

Difference between Traditional Project Delivery and Integrated Project Delivery

It has always been the topic of discussion that how is IPD different than TPD. Here we will draw your attention towards the key points which will clarify the basic difference between both of them and will be beneficial for your integrated project delivery approaches assignment help.

  • Teams: when we talk about teams in IPD the team includes stakeholders, architecture, and is open for the people who are in any way related to the construction. Whereas, in TPD the team is made according to the budget or the minimum help required.
  • Risk: whenever any project is started it has some risk factors too as no project can be 100% risk-free. So in IPD risk managing responsibility distributed among all the members of the team involved and is approximately shared whereas in TPD risk management is individually managed.
  • Budget: IPD does not include any third-party system and has clear time records. This makes it easy to keep track of the money spent and ideally holds the decided budget safe. Whereas, TPD has a third party system and time-related confusion which makes it hard to keep track of the money spent and ends up disturbing the pre-decided budget.
  • Communication: IPD has a free flow of information that allows every team to be in touch with one another and no knowledge or information is dumped whereas in TPD communication is the issue as the teams are never on the same page of work which leads to miscommunication.

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