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What are the causes of infertility in males and females and how will this be useful with yourinfertility nursing assignment help?

Earlier infertility was considered a problem which was said to be posses only by females. The problem of conceiving a child was always a female's mistake but now the time has changed. Medical has grown and has proved that males too can suffer from infertility. This topic can be good for your infertility nursing assignment help onlineas it talks about the causes of infertility for both the genders.

Let's begin by talking about the causes of infertility in males and they are:

  • The most noticed disorder or cause has been seen for male infertility is disturbances in sperm maturation. In this quality of male sperm is demoted to be down to the required mark. The sperm shows less motility due to which it becomes problematic to father a child. This is caused during childhood maybe because of mumps infection. Excess use of tobacco can also reduce sperm motility; even due to stress or endocrine disorders this problem can be generated. Maybe the problem stays to be temporary due to an acute infection.
  • Another cause of male fertility is known as sperm transport disorders. In this, the sperm is produced sufficiently, but because of an obstruction of the deferens vas sperm fails to enter women's body while ejaculation. It can be compared to the situation where fallopian tubes inside women's body face obstruction. This problem may be caused due to any pre-existing vasectomy, blockage of the epididymis which may result in inflammation.

Now we will talk about the causes of infertility in females and they are:

  • Tubal factor infertility is the cause of infertility which one-third f the women face. It is nothing but the blockage in the fallopian tube, or the damage in the tube resulting in infection. This stops the fertilization process as sperm fails to reach the egg or sometimes eggs are not at the required position.
  • Females may generate the problem under which their body starts preparing antibodies against sperm. The immune system does this and builds the antibody against sperm in cervical mucus. This blocks the sperm cells from entering the fallopian tubes and thus the fertilization doesn't happen. This may be because of the hormonal problems and may be due to diet problems also.

What are the tests required to check infertility in males and females?

To give the couples the gift of the child our medical system has grown a lot. Using different techniques and technologies doctors help them to win against the problem. Here we will discuss the different tests that males and females both have to go through to check their fertility. It also brings out the actual problem in their body that is further treated. This is will be a good resource for your infertility nursing assignment help online.

Let's talk about the tests that are conducted for males to detect the problem of infertility. And they are:

  • Semen analysis is a type of test performed on males to check if they are infertile. In this the semen specimens are required by the doctors, some cases also demand the sample of the urine.
  • Blood tests are conducted to check for any hormonal misbalance in testosterone and other hormones required for fertility.
  • There may be a defect in the genetic of the males so genetic testing is also conducted. This may also include DNA testing.
infertility nursing assignment expert

Now let's discuss the tests of females for identifying their problem related to infertility. And they are:

  • The fertility of females depends upon the health of their ovaries over high rate, other reasons may be there but ovaries are the key. So ovulation testing is done to check whether the hormones that help ovulating or releasing egg are working properly or not.
  • Imaging through CT scans and ultrasound is also used to check the position of ovaries and the heath of a fallopian tube. Because sometimes the fallopian tube displaces itself causing the blockage. This is identified via imaging and further treated accordingly.
  • The test is conducted known as ovarian reserve test which helps to identify the quality of eggs released during ovulation.This test occurs during the early days of the menstrual cycle.

New technologies used to deal with infertility problems that you should know for your infertility nursing assignment help

Also known as ART which means assisted reproductive technology is the help which useful for handing egg and sperm. It is using technology to solve the infertility problem. This will be good tohelp with the infertility nursing assignmentas it talks about development in this filed. ART has given any couples a way to smile and fulfil their dreams. Several types of ART are practised to help the couples suffering from infertility problems, here are they:

IVF: In Vitro Fertilization is the famous Art technique that has been practised to win against infertility problems. This process involves the stimulation of multiple eggs that are mature and are fertilized with the sperm in the lab. Later when the fertilization is completed the embryo is placed inside the stomach of the mother to be.

Now this IVF also consists of several techniques within itself to help couples dealing with different problems.

The techniques used are:

  • ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection in which a mature egg is injected directly with healthy sperm.This technique is used when the male has a poor quality of semen but the female is healthy.
  • ART is done by using the own egg and sperm of the couples facing the problems. But some couples have a severe problem with their egg or sperm. In this case, the donor egg or sperm technique is used where an embryo is formed by an anonymous donor of egg or sperm.
  • Gestational carrier or surrogacy is another technique used after the embryo s formed in the lab it is transferred in the mother's body to grow further. But some females have an unhealthy environment for the embryo to grow. In such cases, a carrier for pregnancy is hired to grow the embryo inside her.

What are the complications faced by females during the infertility treatment?

The female body has to suffer from a lot more because the complete reproductive system is based on her body. Either it is a simple infertility treatment or a high level of technology to treat the problem the female body has to suffer a bit. Here we will be talking about the complications that a female has to face while treating the infertility problem.

  • Multiple pregnancies can be seen as the most common complication faced by females during the treatment of infertility.By multiple pregnancies, we mean giving birth to twins, triplets, or even more. In this case, the health of the mother as well as the child is in danger. Both may face severe problems during the pregnancy duration and during birth time. There are chances to have pre-mature delivery; mothers can also face gestational diabetes.
  • This problem is seen after using ART for conceiving, and it is called OHSS. Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome is a problem related to ovaries in which they start swelling and become painful. Abdominal pain, nausea, bloating are some common symptoms of OHSS. You may also feel overweight and may find difficulty in breathing during this problem which reflects the immediate need for treatment.
  • Infection and bleeding are constant risks while the treatment of infertility.The medication or maybe any kind of reproductive surgeries may be used during treatment. This may lead to bleeding and different infections.

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