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Discuss the advantage and the disadvantage of the immigration

Immigration brings advantages and disadvantages both to both the places. Here both places mean the place from where the people are immigrating to the place where they are immigrating. So both the place losing people and the place hosting people have to go through a few pros and cons on their end. Here we will be discussing the same advantage and disadvantages brought by immigration. This will be resourceful for your Immigration assignment help in Australia as it will tell you about both sides of the coins. The coin here is immigration and this knowledge will let you use it in your assignment help.

Let us begin with the advantages and disadvantages faced by the country which is losing the people.

  • The advantage of immigration for the country which is losing people is that they sent money to their homes.
  • The disadvantage of immigration for the same is that the country starts losing the potential workforce. The human resource is reduced in the country from where the people immigrate.

  • Another advantage in the same list is that the pressure of job creation and resources are reduced for the country losing people.
  • The second disadvantage is that the country which is losing people starts facing gender imbalances. Because typically the men form the homes take off in search of proper employment leaving behind the children and women.

  • The third advantage for the country losing people is the immigrants may return to the country with new skills. The people leave in search of proper employment or for some specific reason. They return someday and then they may have new skills useful for the current place. Maybe they learned new skills and now they returned to use it for employment creation in their own country.
  • The third advantage for the country losing people is the immigrants may return to the country with new skills. The people leave in search of proper employment or for some specific reason. They return someday and then they may have new skills useful for the current place. Maybe they learned new skills and now they returned to use it for employment creation in their own country.

Now we will discuss the advantage and the disadvantage faced by the host country.

  • The first advantage which the host country faces is that they get the opportunity to be the home of a diverse culture. They become a place where several cultures can be met. This adds to the cultural value and the social value of the place.
  • The first disadvantage faced by the host country is that the cost of healthcare and the education facility increases. It is the simple theory the demand increases and the price rises too high. Now medical and education are the basic facility everyone wants. And this is also a great way to collect tax for the government or benefit the private organization. So, with the increase in the population, there is a rise in healthcare and education prices.

  • The second advantage faced by the host country is that immigration helps in reducing the labour shortage there. There are multi-talented people present in their country so such shortages are not faced.
  • The second disadvantage faced by the host country is that the places become overcrowded. This means a shortage of the government or the public facility. More people more facilities to provide. The government needs to increase the size of their budget to suit and bring out positive for everyone living there.

The above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages are not the only ones. We have mentioned only the major points in the shirt here. But when our expert will provide you with the proper help in immigration assignment writing they will tell you everything in detail. You will be glad to know that they will also introduce you to the new concepts if needed. And if you have any specific problem in this topic, that will also be solved on a priority basis.

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