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Human rights and global governance has been the most stimulating and challenging subjects as compared to other fields. This coursework needs research, skilled investigation, and excellent convincing skills to change evidence into a conclusive argument. Your human rights & global governance assignments must be consuming most of your time because you need to think critically. Do you have that much time along with your job and hectic lecture schedules? Online Assignment Expert has 1500+ PhD experts to assist you in completing your homework which will be written exactly as per the marking rubric and assessment task requirements.

What Is International Human Rights Law?

Our human rights & global governance assignment experts define human rights as a set of conventions and ethics which protect the citizens of a country. Globalization has brought tremendous changes in human rights. In 1984, the United Nations drafted the International human rights along with the consent of other countries. The universal human rights declaration comprises 30 human rights.

These international human rights became a necessity for every county after the massive devastation caused by World War-II. This universal declaration has been the basis for the foundation of every country's constitution after 1948. International human right gives every human the right to live with “freedom and dignity”.

The main objective of global governance is to provide global peace and safety to all people. In addition to this, it also aims to supply global goods, justice, trade, investment, and local markets. This also helps the UN's government to settle international legal problems through the global court of impartiality.

Other than the UN government, Bretton Woods institutions have a major role in maintaining the global economy and human rights. However, the regional government authorities hinder the working of these organizations. Generally, scholars find the human rights and global governance coursework a little complex and tedious, that's the reason they need help with human rights & global governance assignments.

Essentials of Human Rights & Global Governance Assignment

Are you confused, what points are to be added in your assignments? Have you forgotten the concepts and terminologies explained by your professor? This can be solved by identifying the assessment-brief questions objectively by applying several laws and principles. Let me list some of the issues, which can complicate your human rights & global governance subject.

  • Economic & social rights
  • Refugee rights
  • Self-determination and rights of indigenous people
  • Sexuality and gender equality
  • Challenges to human rights
  • Billing rights of a country

As an initial step of completing your assignment you need to research these topics, this can be very time-consuming. The academic writing team at Online Assignment Expert has more than ten years of experience in writing assignments for human rights and global governance. Therefore, it's easy for them to understand these concepts and use their expertise in completing your homework. What you need to do is just fill the form and allow human rights and global governance assignments help experts to complete your work.

What are human rights issues?

A scholar has to face many challenges during his/her human rights & global governance coursework. You need to understand all the legal procedures and laws. But your learning doesn't end here, you also need to learn about the issues affecting human rights. However, this course will give you a great future. You can always ask for help with human rights & global governance assignments. Some of the issue in human rights are as follows:

  • Many regions all over the world support inequality in human rights and social rights. For example, "Right to education," "Freedom of speech," etc. However, different projects are going on to eliminate these practices.
  • According to the "Right to a healthy and sustainable environment," every person should have a healthy living environment. However, it is not true for every human. Many people live in slums, in an unhealthy environment. There is a need to promote human rights and sustainability among these people.
  • A very important global issue is "corruption". Corruption has noteworthy impacts on human society, business, laws, and government. These practices affect human rights to a greater extent. People in power often tend to harm the lower community people. Every nation has been finding different ways to control corrupt practices in their country.
  • Another important issue is the protection of the environment. There are several issues faced by the "Environmental human rights defenders (EHRD)", such as harassment, death, and violence. However, the international community has been looking into the issue, and applying different policies for the betterment of EHRD.

What are the different types of human rights?

Let me list some of the human rights declared by the UN. Can you add some more to the list?

  1. “Right to equality”
  2. “Freedom from discrimination”
  3. “Right to life, liberty, personal security”
  4. “Freedom from slavery”
  5. “Freedom from torture and degrading treatment”
  6. “Right to recognition as a person before the law”
  7. “Right to equality before the law”
  8. "Right to remedy by a competent tribunal"
  9. “Freedom from arbitrary arrest and exile”
  10. "Right to a fair public hearing"
  11. “Right to free movement in and out of the country”
  12. “Right to be considered innocent until proven guilty”
  13. "Freedom from interference with privacy, family, home, and correspondence"
  14. “Right to asylum in other countries from persecution”
  15. “Right to a nationality and the freedom to change it”

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