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Health Promotion Assignment Help

Health promotion can be defined as a process followed to prevent diseases by the use of systemic strategies and promote health. The growth of health promotion has resulted in the need of health educators in various fields such as healthcare industry, schools, government organisations, colleges, and community organisations. There are several courses offered to students including Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion, Graduate Certificate of Public Health Nutrition, Graduate Certificate of Public Health Nutrition, Master of Health Promotion, and Master of Nutrition and Population Health. These courses include a set of assessments. Dealing with such assignments is not easy for every student and thus health promotion assignment help service exists.

Nowadays, students are accessed and graded on the basis of assignments they write. Therefore, it becomes important to draft a wonderful piece of document that should be free from typing errors, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. All the sentences and ideas should be logically arranged. Students who are incapable to perform their assessments can avail health promotion assignment help from Online Assignment Expert.

Models of Health Promotion

As per the World Health Organization's Ottawa Charter (1986), Health Promotion is said as processes that enable individuals to have great control over health and improve it. If you are a student of health promotion, you may have knowledge of health promotion models to promote health. In the last 30 years, there are three major health models that have swayed health promotion.

The biomedical health model (pre-1970s):

  • applications on healthy lifestyles and risk behaviours
  • underlines health education – changing attitudes, knowledge, and skills
  • concentrates on responsible for individual
  • treat societies in isolation

The social health model (from the 1970s onwards):

  • state the comprehensive health determinants
  • implicates collaboration with inter-sector
  • acts related to moderate social inequities
  • empowers communities and individuals
  • acts to enable access to health care

The ecological health model (from the late 1970s onwards):

  • admits the mutual liaison between health-related environments and behaviours where people work, live, and play
  • deliberates the environment comprised of different subsystems such as meso, micro, macro, and exo
  • highlights the dependencies and relationships between above-given subsystems
  • ecological health model is multi-faceted and comprehensive
  • make use of the framework to bring change in the level of an individual and environment

Different Approaches To Health Promotion

The health promotion strategies and approaches deal with different methods used to promote health. According to the preliminary PDHPE syllabus, health promotion is about 3 different strategies and approaches such as preventative, lifestyle, and public health approach. Such health promotion strategies and approaches differ in terms of addressing health priorities. Also, these are brought together to attain health improvements. Lifestyle and preventive approaches are common but understanding public health approaches can be challenging. This approach is basically used to improve the context or environment for people.

The health promotion assignment experts also avow that it is important to find the effectiveness of these three approaches. In other words, you are required to examine and assess the health promotion strategies and approaches so that the differences in health can be determined. Additionally, you will be required to propose your solutions against health problems in the context of young people. Thus, you may showcase some creative thinking and stimulate that you are able to resolve such health issues.

Under the study of Preliminary PDHPE syllabus, students learn about:

  1. Strategies are concerned with health promotion. For example -
  2. Behavioural/ lifestyle approach includes health education and quits smoking programs
    • the preventative medical method includes cancer screening and childhood immunisation
    • public health approaches, for example; health-promoting workplaces and schools
  3. Define efficiency of health promotion strategies such as government interventions related to alcohol consumption
  4. Propose your own solutions that may improve young people health

The experts providing health promotion assignment services in Australia have described the health promotion approaches with the help of a diagram. See below:

health promotion approaches with the help of a diagram

Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

What Types Of Assignments Do We Cover During Health Promotion Study?

As we have discussed above, the studying undergraduate or postgraduate health promotion courses consist of a few assignments. The assignments topics ask you to:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of individual health promotion approaches and strategies.
  • Assess the success of the health promotion strategy.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of "No-one thinks big of you" government health promotion. Justify your answer.

Just like these, there are many topics that students might be asked to deal with during their education. Recently, our experts providing health promotion assignment help in Australia have solved the 400418 Health Advancement and Health Promotion for Western Sydney University students.

Introduction to the 400418: Health Advancement and Health Promotion Assessment

The tasks of this assessment are formulated that demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the unit. Under this assessment, there are three different tasks such as:

  • Report
  • Critical Review and
  • Proposal

Task 1 - Report

The report should not exceed 1500 words. To prepare a report, you are required to target a specific population group and health issue that requires health promotion intervention. While writing a report for the 400418 assessment you may focus on the following:

Analyse health needs:

  • Geography and demography of the population
  • Health status
  • Behavioural, environmental, and social health determinants

Analyse of service needs:

  • Workforce availability
  • Geography
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Determine the priorities, opportunities, and options
  • Recommend few actions on the basis of your analysis

Our experts providing nursing assignment help in Australia says that students are required to conduct a strong and accurate data collection including stakeholder analysis. Additionally, they must identify a minimum of 3 stakeholders with whom they can consult and engage with to complete the task. They may follow the below-given template to answer:

health promotion assignment sample

To write this report, students can follow the approach defined by our health promotion assignment experts.

  1. A concise and clear literature analysis covering relevant and appropriate information.
  2. Define the following:
    • Health promotion principles
    • Priorities for health promotion
  3. Provide a clear synthesis including the socio-demographic and epidemiological information for the targeted people.
  4. Recommend solutions or actions based on your information and analysis. The proposed actions should be original, well-developed, and significant. All the actions should consist of links and clear.
  5. Showcase adequate professional writing skills.
  6. References should be used correctly wherever needed.

Task 2 - Critical Review

The word length for this task is 500 words. Students will be given a case study and based on that they are asked to explain three outputs and one indicator for each output. They may contemplate the assumptions and verifications for your indicators. They may follow the below snippet to present your answer.

health promotion critical review sample

To write a critical review assessment, they should include highly appropriate data collection and measurement methods. Additionally, conduct a critical evaluation of their assumptions. In case, if any type of error is faced contact experts providing health promotion nursing assignment help.

Task 3 - Proposal

Under this task, students are asked to create a proposal which should not be over 3000 words. They may write a funding proposal discussing the implementation of the program. The best way to write a proposal is defined by our experts delivering nursing assignment help in Australia. They are -

  • Project summary
  • Background details
  • Evaluation plan
  • Designing a project and developing an implementation plan
  • Staff/Team
  • Budget
  • Annexes

Once the above tasks are completed, students may proofread as it will help in finding errors and eliminating them before submission. It also enhances the chance to score better grades.

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