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What are the different tests which the hematologists perform?

Hematologists are the person who performs certain tests and does the analysis for a person suffering the blood disorders. For the monitoring or the complete diagnosis process, the Hematologist performs some tests which we will be discussing here. This will be fruitful for your hematology assignment help online. You will be getting to know about the test and the reasons for which they are performed. This will also enhance your practical knowledge.

The first name in this test list is the CBC which stands for the complete blood count. The CBC is responsible for the counting of the white and the red blood cells. It also counts the platelets which form a blood clot by clumping the tiny cells together. The haemoglobin which is the blood protein is also counted through the CBC. This test is also performed to keep count of the ratio of the blood cells to the liquid plasma inside the blood which is altogether called the haematocrit. So the hematologists are responsible for performing the CBC test and keep an eye on the situation of the above-mentioned factors. As there are so many diseases or infection which can be caused due to the increase and decrease of the platelets, haemoglobin, white blood cells, etc.

The next in the list of this test is known as the Prothrombin time or the PT. This is performed by the hematologists to measure the time taken by the blood to clot inside the respective body. The liver inside the human body is known to produce the protein called the Prothrombin. This protein is required to form the clots; this formation is not done right with the thinner blood. Or if the doctor suspects that the person may have a liver problem it is the PT which helps in recognizing properly. The haematologist performs the PT test on your body and can help in finding out about your liver system. The liver of not healthy can disturb the complete system of the human body and so the PT test is mandatory.

The third in this list is the Partial Thromboplastin Time or the PTT. It is similar to the PT test as it also helps in calculating the time taken for the blood clotting. The person facing problems like unusual bleeding in any part of the body. Problem faced like the nosebleed, pink urine, heavy period, bruising very easily, etc. Then the doctor asks you to go for this PTT test. With the help of the PTT test, the hematologists can find out the blood disorder inside the person's body. With the help of any specific disorder, the treatment can be done for the patients and make them healthy. If the test would not be taken then it may be threatening for the person suffering from the disorder.

The fourth one in this list is the INR which is the International Normalized Ratio. If the patient has thinner blood and you are been diagnosed by the doctor but to compare the result the patient's blood clotting is compared with the other lab results. This is done to make sure that you are going under the right education. This test will ensure your progress and also help to pick out the points which are not right with your medication. The calculation done to undergo this process is known as the INR. The INR is important to also keep a record of what medication is the best for what kind of blood disorder.

The above-mentioned tests are the major ones performed by the hematologists. We have written about these tests in brief here but worry not when you join our Hematology assignment help in Australia you will get everything in detail. Our expert will make sure you face no difficulty in any concept of the topic. You will have a deep knowledge of every topic which is required for your assignment work.

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