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Are you aware of all the concepts of Genomics? Is any conceptual doubt of Genomics disturbing you? Are you not able to concentrate on your studies due to academic pressure? We are a one-stop solution for every problem. Our Genomics assignment help will drag you out of that problem pit and make your life easier.

Online Assignment Expert is here to add butter to your path so that you have a smooth journey of knowledge. Our experts will not only help with genomics assignment but also make sure that all the concepts related to the topic should be crystal clear. Our plagiarism free work will gain you stellar grades and make your assignment best among others. This topic is very crucial as it deals with the genes of a living organism. It cannot be taken lightly and requires you to focus on the roots of this subject. With our little help and your hard work you can easily be the master of this topic and can understand every concept related to this.

Sample for your genomics assignment help online

We feel happy to help you in any way and here is one way by which you will benefit. Our genomics assignment experts have brought you the sample assignment file related to the same topic. This can be a good resource for your assignment help. It will also help you decide whether to choose us or not.

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Types of Genomics beneficial for your Genomics assignment help

As we all know that the topic is important and to help you witness and learn all the phases of this subject it has been divided. The division may be based on their process or purpose but in the end it to Genomics. Knowledge about this topic will help you with the genomics assignment help online by helping you with the concepts. Let’s begin the talk about the five different types of Genomics:

  • Structural Genomics: This type is used to identify the protein structure that a genome encodes.
  • Functional Genomics: This type is used to describe the gene and functions of protein by collecting and using the data from the sequencing.
  • Comparative Genomics: As the name suggests this type is used for drawing comparison among the different species.
  • Mutation Genomics: This type allows a depth study related to the genome and its mutation occurrence in the DNA of any person.

Is Genetics different from Genomics?

You may get confused about both as both of the terms sounds similar. And also have few commons lanes to share but still, both of them are entirely different. This may be a problem that you can face in your assignment so this discussion can help with genomics assignment:

  • When we talk about Genetics we find out that it deals with the study related to heredity and characteristics of any living organism. It lets you explore the concepts of DNA, genes, and other elements of heredity.
  • Whereas when we discuss Genomics focuses the study on Genome which is a gene of the living organism. It also lets you explore but not the core DNA but the DNA sequencing which affects the health of any person in both good and bad ways.

  • Genetics is not something new it has its roots way back in history when many scientists started its research. They concluded several observations and then the next scientist added or corrected the previous one by introducing something new.
  • Genomics has evolved from the last couple of decades to find something new and beneficial regarding living organisms.

What are the techniques used in Genomics and how can it be useful for your Genomics assignment help?

When we read about Genomics we come to know that it requires lots of research and the researches are unique in a way. The research requires a technique by which an observation or conclusion can be drawn. In other words, if we say then this topic will bring you close to the findings and the process related to Genomics. Let’s talk about the techniques used in Genomics and its description:

  • A technique which is known as Recombinant DNA and cloning is used for analysing the DNA molecule collected from different parts of different sources. The DNA molecule can be cut at a specific point by using the restriction enzymes. Both the DNA molecules are then combined with the help of an enzyme called Ligase. The final product of the DNA molecule created is known as the Chimeric DNA molecule.
  • We have another mind-blowing technique known as cloning and vectors and it is used to insert any foreign DNA pieces and to breed or cultivate fragments of DNA. Vector is used for all this process and production on a large scale; it is also used as vehicles for cloning. The cloning done with the help of a vector on reaching inside the targeted host starts replicating. Three types of main vectors are used for cloning purposes. The first one is Bacteriophage which is a virus that infects bacterial strains. The second one is Cosmid that can be packed within the virus and is a molecule of DNA in a circular shape. The last one is Plasmid which is a DNA molecule that is double-stranded and circular.
  • Genomic DNA Isolation is a technique that is used to break down the cell wall which covers the DNA inside the nucleus. The methods like a nuclear envelope or extracellular matrix are used to end the external barriers in reaching the DNA molecule.
  • It’s a fact that DNA molecules have a negative charge on them and when they brought under the contact of any electric field they change from negative to positive. The complete process is supported by a technique called a Separation of DNA.

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