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Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Assignment Help in Australia

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Assignment Help in Australia by Top Rated Assignment Experts

Cloud computing and virtualisation are two different terms that are often used interchangeably by many students. This happens due to a lack of understanding of these terms and ways they work. These two technologies are very much similar to each other, but they are not the same and their significance is sufficient to affect business decisions. Thus, students need to gain enough knowledge about these terms and technologies in detail for writing their assignments. Alternatively, they can acquire cloud computing and virtualisation assignment help before starting their assignments.

Our experienced online assignment experts have written numerous assignments for students studying in the colleges and universities in Australia. Cloud computing and virtualisation assignment help experts have explained a few essential information that will allow you to score better grades than before. So, let's have a look at the details.

Understand Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Terms

As we have discussed in the above paragraph that cloud computing and virtualisation are the two different terms that are misplaced by students. In this section, our cloud computing and virtualisation assignment experts have defined them clearly so that even the beginner can understand easily.


Virtualisation can be explained as an essential technology used for high cloud computing. It is a tool that splits computing environments from physical infrastructures to run various operating applications and systems at once on a single machine. Let's understand this with an example, users using a Mac for their tasks but want to select applications exclusive to PC, then they can run Windows operating system on their virtual machine and gain access to those applications on the same computer.

As per our experts providing virtualisation assignment writing services, virtualisation software that assists business in diminishing IT costs and increases the utilisation, efficiency, and flexibility of using computer hardware.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is known as the principles and methods used for providing a network, computing, and storing infrastructure services, platforms, applications, and resources to users. These infrastructure resources, services, applications, and platforms are cloud-sourced and consist of different virtual resources reformed by management and automation software.

Topics Covered in Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

The field of cloud computing and virtualisation is broad, thus the topics and modules covered under this field will be wide discussing features, agility, flexibility, big data, superior security, loss of secured data, etc. Therefore, students enrolled in this field of study must have adequate knowledge of the subject to produce a wonderful paper for their university. Few most popular topics of cloud computing and virtualisation are as discussed below for students who are looking for help with cloud computing and virtualisation assignments.

How cloud computing and virtualisation reduces cost?

Cloud computing is the best for mid-scale and large scale businesses. Initially, cloud computing can cost you more but later it provides a result that shows that the investment is worth. Recently, our cloud computing and virtualisation assignment experts have written an assignment discussing the features of these technologies for S-Mart. So, let's understand it with an example.

The S-mart is a Mexican grocery store founded in 1975. Now, it has 33 stores and over 50,000 product lines where managing and maintaining these products is not easy. Hence, the S-Mart opted for cloud computing and virtualisation to handle each product efficiently.


In different countries, you will come to analyse that many companies focused on customer responsiveness, in the same way, S-Mart also focused to identify customer's needs based on their feedback. Therefore, flexible structures can be duly met and the company should no longer need to invest in the infrastructures that are quite expensive. S-Mart's cloud computing systems generally collect offline data and are accessed instantly. In the success of a business, not only the customer's response is needed but the employee data is also a conventional term. Dealing in retail products, S-Mart is required to take extra care of customer's needs and work accordingly to meet them.

Now, our experts providing cloud computing and virtualisation assignment services in Australia have defined a few assignment samples covered by Australian universities.

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Assignment Sample

Recently, we have written an assignment for the unit, SIT113: Cloud Computing and Virtualisation. This assessment is comprised of different tasks such as:

  • SIT113: Quality Cakes Case Study Assessment
  • SIT113: On-Premise System - Report Writing
  • SIT113: Quality Cakes Case Study - Report Writing

Tasks Covered Under SIT113: Quality Cakes Case Study Assessment

sit113 computing and virtualisation assignment sample

Willing to write the assignments on your own? If you are, then you may understand the case study first and then conduct extensive research to find relevant information for your assignments.

How to solve the above assignment?

Task 1

SIT113 assessment sample

  • Understand and analyse the above scenario and answer the questions accurately.
  • Determine the cost required to build an on-premise system.
  • Students are free to choose devices from one or more vendors like Dell, Cisco, Synology, or QNAP, etc. But don't forget to meet the requirement.

Task 2

  • Once students are done with task 1, they are required to estimate the cost to develop and run on-premise system's QC for coming 3 years.
  • Develop a table as created in task 1 discussing the system cost built-in MS Azure with a life of 3 years.

Task 3

  • Estimate the system cost needed to build AWS System for 3 years.
  • Fill the table as created in task 1 and 2.

Task 4

The last task is evaluation in the above-given assignment. In this assessment, students are required to discuss the merit and demerits of the Azure System, On-premise System, and AWS System. Along with this, also suggest the system used for QC and state the reason.

In case, you are unable to solve any of the above questions, then do avail our cloud computing and virtualisation assignment help. Under this service, each student is guaranteed to get a unique assignment solution even for the same topic. So, no need to worry about your assignment, just feel free to reach us any time.

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