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What are the properties of the cost curve and how is this beneficial for your Economics Cost Curves Assignment Help in Australia?

When considered in economics the cost curve is a graph of the cost of production concerning the total quantity produced. In a competitive market, firms aim to optimize their production at every level of production by minimizing cost at all levels which gives the resultant cost curve.

Cost curve properties:

Marginal Rise in cost curve as output increases:

With an increase in output, the cost curve increases. This means that at some point in the production process, the cost of additional goods increased over a limit increases substantially. This can be termed as diminishing marginal returns on production. With limited production, firms put their idle resources to use and generate more additional units, where their costs remain lower. However, as production increases, it becomes difficult to produce more units after a point while the cost of production increases disproportionately.

U shaped average total cost curve (ATC)

By and large, ATC remains U shaped. This represents that initially the cost of production per unit decreases with increased production but after a certain point disproportionately increases. The ATC consists of both the average fixed (AFC) and the average variable cost (AVC).AFC decreases as output rise because it can be spread over a larger number of units. But AVC increases as the cost of production increases disproportionately to an increased number of additional units.

Marginal and Average Total Cost

The marginal costs and ATC intersect at the bottom of the U shape Curve.

It means that the cost of production of additional units is lower than the average total cost the curve dips. And inversely when the cost of production of additional units is greater than the average total cost the curve rises. Therefore, it is understood that at the bottom both costs are equal.

This above mentioned a brief explanation of the properties of the cost curve is easy to be read and understood. But due to the word limit, we cannot offer you detailed information. Do not worry because with our Help with Economics Cost Curves Assignment you will have everything in the perfect amount. You can also ask for other concepts and their required detail.

What are the different ways in which cost can be categorized? Is this knowledge resourceful for your Economics Cost Curves Assignment Help in Australia?

Costs may have a diversified relation with output. These are also applied in streams like financial accounting, budgeting, capital consolidation, and valuation. So they may be categorized concerning their output as well as the context in which they are applied. Here we will be throwing light on the different methodologies by which cost can be differentiated. This will be fruitful for your economics cost curves assignment help online. As there are many questioning which is connected to these theories in some ways? Once you are aware of the basic concept you can utilize them to solve your problems. These concepts also provide you clarity for your practical approach. So let us begin the discussion and the methods of categorizing the cost are as follows:

  • Variable and Fixed Costs
  • Two fundamental costs for any business are FC and VC while the former is constant the latter dynamic. FC also known as the overhead costs and may be construed as capital costs. EX. Costs of machinery, salaries, rent property tax, and insurance. They largely remain independent of production.VC fluctuates with a change in the production of units, labour salaries, material costs. Besides, there is also mixed costs with some component of both. As an example, the cost of inspection and supervision van is termed as mixed costs.

  • Direct and Indirect costs
  • Direct costs may be considered similar to variable costs. They are directly linked to the production cost. There also are costs that are indirectly related to production costs which may not directly contribute to production. They may be considered similar to fixed costs and do not affect the volume of production. These can also be said to be manufacturing overheads as an example. Marketing costs, transportation costs, tools expense, patent, depreciation, servicing, etc.

  • Costs of Periods and Product
  • This concept is much like the direct and indirect costs. Product costs under the accounting system of a firm are associated directly with the output and in the calculation of the value of inventory. Whereas the period costs are considered under the current period or a particular term. However In a full cost accounting system, all manufacturing costs like fixed, overhead, variable are a component of product costs and as such charged in inventory.

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