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Dissertations are vital for the acquisition of degree and a number of students are making the most of the opportunity extended by Online Assignment Expert with its customised-to-the-roots dissertation writing services.

There are enough distractions in a student's plate which may end up keeping him/her from delivering the quality that needs to be there. With the help of dissertation examples, we would try and give you an insight on how to write a dissertation or better, how to write a dissertation like our dissertation experts.

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A dissertation is one of the lengthiest pieces of writing that is to be submitted to the university for the grant of your degree. It requires an intricate array of planning and hours of research. Learning how to write a dissertation from our experts would aid you to climb up the career ladder by firstly getting you the degree with an easy first-division. Secondly, you would learn the process so much so that you would be able to suffice justice to anyone who asks you to "Please, do my dissertation".

For starters, here is a quick tip on what sort of phrases are to be avoided according to our experts -

Phrases to Avoid while Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation Writing - The Elements

The experts who work for us providing you convenient dissertation writing services have compiled a brief display of the elements that make up a dissertation or thesis. Starting with the structure of a dissertation -

  1. Selection of Topic
  2. Research Proposa
  3. Literature Review
  4. Methodology
  5. Discussion, Results and Deductions
  6. Conclusion
  7. Recommendation
  8. References
  9. Appendices

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Executive Summary

Literature Review

Research Methodology

You may find below the above explained in the order they are stated above. The same format and chronological order are to be used unless a variation is directly or implicitly specified.

The Topic

Choosing a topic that interests you and, at the same time, interests the assessor shall be the one to be chosen by you. For example, if the automobile industry interests you, you may choose the following topic.

"To draw a comparative analysis between the marketing strategies of Ferrari and Lamborghini."

If you are unsure about whether the topic you've chosen is explorable or not, you can confirm with our experts and they would let you know where to look to get the information you need or you could ask them to complete the whole dissertation for you till it is proposed to the university. We have, in the past, chosen difference-making dissertation topics and the same has been a USP of our dissertation writing services.

Research Proposal

A research proposal generally lays down the core question which has to be researched and give an idea to the reader how you seek to go about it. Since you would not have much time to review the literature, it is bound to be sketchy.

It shall contain at least one foundation (theoretical) and an idea answering any question related to the reason why you have chosen that particular topic, say the experts in charge of our dissertation services.

Literature Review & Methodology

All the books, journals, articles, research papers that compliment your research shall be a part of this section. This gives assessor the impression that you are professional in your approach and are aware of any previously conducted research on the topic chosen by you.

Your attempt would go in vain if you do not bridge it with what your topic is about and how you are going to approach the topic. We have been providing dissertation writing services to the students for years and hence rigidly believe in the above.

Results and Discussion

After you are done with everything that includes the above-mentioned elements and the interpretation and analysis, etc., you would then move on to the discussion part. In there, you are required to state whatever you did in the preceding sections. All the minor-goals that you set during the dissertation shall be concluded in this section.

Note: It is recommended not to initiate another argument or contradiction to what you have stated previously. This would only lengthen your Discussion section and it would only be a waste of words.


If there's anything that you think could be done better by the party (in case you have selected an organisation), this is the right time to get it jotted down. The experts who proffer dissertation writing services humbly boast of expertise in dissertation writing say that this section is the one that the students lose marks in other than the appendices and references.

As promised, from a plethora of dissertation examples that we recently received, we have chosen one and enclosed images of a few of its pages for your reference.

Our Dissertation Writing Services

When it comes to granting of dissertations, our dissertations are known to be a guarantee for the grant of degree on completion of your course. Our experts firstly understand the value of a dissertation but we have still maintained the cost as low to the ground as possible. You may choose a dissertation package depending on yours and no longer trouble your brain (or the other way around) with questions like "Can someone do my dissertation"? Being fully aware of the quality check parameters that are deployed for your convenience, we assure you of a flawless dissertation solution which would not even have punctuation wrongly placed.

Know for yourself the quality of our dissertation writing services and let us know your requirements here!


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