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Let's discuss about the cookies, what exactly are they, and how one can use them.

Each time you browse something on the internet a small packets or pieces of information get stored by your computer inside the web browser used by you. These are cookies and they keep track and record of the websites that you visit and also the activities that you perform there. The business owners such as Online Assignment Expert use the cookies to make the website more efficient to use. When you visit our page through a web browser or mobile phone we gather the useful data to give you a better user experience.

Cookies are used by Online Assignment Expert for the business purpose like for logging you in to your student portal, protecting your identity, and validating your access to OAE.

We use cookies to make us better for as we track your preferences and setting choices of using our website. For example, the buttons you click, the pages you open, etc is comprehended by cookies to us. They also enable us to offer you the content that is personalized and also provide you with promotional offers.

The cookies which we use are significant for providing you with the smooth user experience of our services. The cookies make sure that your account is safe and secure from any kind of fraud and give you 100% experience of safe browsing. Not only cookies but we do utilize many other technologies like the web- beacons, session replay scripts, etc. for tracking and monitoring the visitors and their activities on our website. Movements of visitors, their pattern, and from where they have arrived is also been checked by us through unique identifiers.

How to find your privacy options?

Different web browsers save the cookies in a different location so if you wish to delete our cookies open your browser find the location and delete the cookies stored. As we do not force you to accept our cookies, it is completely your choice. If you get the location of the cookies storages in your browser click on the control or manage setting and there you can see the complete set that is used for erasing or enabling the cookies.

But please note that disabling cookies may bring navigation difficulty to the website.

We keep updating our policies from time to time and so any other change made in the policy of cookies will be updated on this page. We are not bonded to inform our users about it personally. If you have any query related to the same policy you are welcomed to write us on contact@onlineassignmentexpert.com.

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