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Contract law is a private agreement of law between two parties for the enforcement of a promise. In Australia, Common law principles regulate contract laws.

Contract laws aspects initially seem to be easy to understand, but when it comes to interpreting the contract document entered between two parties, it becomes pretty much too big a challenge to perceive. These types of assignments in Australian universities are concept based which requires critical analysis to develop a possible solution.

The basic glossary such as Offer,

  • Acceptance,
  • Agreement,
  • Consideration,
  • Object And
  • Revocation of Offer Under The Contract Law

have too many technicalities. These technicalities can only be resolved by applying the in-depth knowledge and critical reasoning skills our experts have been able to inculcate in themselves after numerous years of experience. There needs to be an expert who is well-introduced with the complex intricacies of the subject and its technicalities as well.

Contract Law Assignment Law Assignment Sample


Components of the Above Contract Law Assignment

To deal with the Contract law assignment above, it is necessary for students to understand each and every component of the Contract law. The application of these components in the practical, real-life scenarios is very important and only an in-depth study or analysis of the various court judgements, their case studies can help you develop this knowledge.

The above sample is not one of the easier ones. However, there’s not much to be worried about or paid attention to. The time you would take to get a hang of the case studies would be more than triple the time our contract law assignment help providers would write your assignment for your reference. That’s not it. You can also refer that assignment for the next end-semesterly examinations as well. To have a look at what basic requirements need to be looked after in the above assignment, you may have a look at the most basic terms your lecturer would like the mentions of.




People entering into the contract shall be a major and, in any case, a minor enters into a contract it will change the validity of the contract. Liability arising out of contracts entered by minor parties will be different from the contract between a major party.


Contract entered without consideration will be void in nature except in case of gifts and donation. Whether the consideration is a valid amount or not will be decided by the court after collection of relevant facts, figures and other evidence pertaining to the case.

Material information-

It is the duty of the party to give all the material information regarding the object for which contract has been entered into. In case, either of the parties hides the material information regarding the case, it will affect the validity of the contract.


When one party signifies his or her willingness to do something for the other party and the other party, on the basis of that willingness, accepts the offer and is considered as a valid offer when the offer accepted becomes the promise.

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