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Conflict resolution skills are needed in a wide range of occupations in various industries. This theory is based on the fact that stress decreases productivity and produces a stressful work environment, which leads to unwelcome employee turnover and a lack of motivation. People who are good at settling conflicts are normally good intermediaries, rational, and willing to communicate with difficult people from a position of empathy. Students can ask us for Conflict Resolution assignment help to get their assignments done.

what is interpersonal conflict

What Is The Conflict Resolution Process?

In the subject of HRM540 Theory of Conflict Resolution - Conflict settlement in the workplace usually entails one or more of the following processes:

  1. The parties concerned acknowledge that there is an issue.
  2. Mutual understanding to deal with the problem and find a solution.
  3. An attempt to comprehend the competing individual's or group's point of view and issues.
  4. Attempting to identify shifts in parties’ attitudes, behaviours, and job approaches that can reduce bad feelings.
  5. Acknowledging the causes of conflict incidents.
  6. Third-party mediators, including Human Resources officials or higher-ranking executives.
  7. A desire to negotiate on the part of one or both sides.
  8. Contract on a strategy for resolving conflicts.
  9. Keeping track of the effects of any agreed-upon changes.
  10. Employees who refuse to cooperate in dispute resolution should be disciplined or fired.

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What Are The Strategies For Dealing With Conflicts?

It's worth noting that coping with disagreement early on is normally better since interests are less fixed, some are less likely to have taken sides, and negative feelings aren't as powerful. Negotiating processes between the parties is the only way to resolve a dispute in the early stages.

1. Fight or Compete

This is a classic win/lose scenario, in which one person's dominance and control win the fight.

It has its spot, but anyone who uses it should be mindful that it will produce a loser, and if that loser doesn't have a way to voice their grievances, bad feelings will result. This technique is typically best used where little to no additional interaction with the persons or groups involved is required.

2. Cooperation

A winning situation is the desired result.

However, it would take patience from those essential to work through the problems and find a solution that is acceptable to all. This could be a difficult task. 

3. Negotiation or Compromise

This is more inclined to provide a positive outcome than win/lose, but it doesn't exactly win/win. You could call it a scoreless tie.

In exchange for an agreed-upon mid-point settlement, both sides give up everything. This ultimately produces a compromise that will not satisfy everyone but will ideally not annoy or disturb too many people. It takes less time than teamwork, but since it is no one's favourite solution, it is likely to result in less attention to the results.

4. Avoidance or Denial

This is the stage where everybody acts as though there isn't a problem.

This technique is surprisingly common, and it can be very successful. It's especially useful if people involved in a dispute need time to 'cool down' before talking about it, or if the dispute is minor and can go away on its own.

It can't be included, though, if the conflict isn't going anywhere. Using this technique in these situations would result in a win scenario: there will always be bad feelings, but no way to clear the air by dialogue. In Transactional Analysis language, it means "I'm not OK, you're not OK." This will cause a lot of tension for the people involved.

What Is Conflict Settlement, And How Do You Use It To Resolve Organisational Disputes?

Conflict settlement is the informal or structured mechanism used by two or more parties to reach a diplomatic settlement of a disagreement.

There are a variety of typical intellectual and motivational traps that can escalate conflict and lead to the need for resolving conflict, many of which are unaware:

  1. Self-serving conceptions of justice. We perceive what will be more equitable to us, and defend our decision on the basis of justice, rather than determining what is equitable from a neutral perspective. Department leaders, for example, are likely to believe they are entitled to the largest share of the yearly deficit.
  2. Overconfidence is an issue. We have a tendency to be unnecessarily ambitious in our evaluations, which leads to unrealistic goals. Inexperience in one's ability to win a lawsuit, for example, can lead to them rejecting a negotiated settlement that will save them time and money.
  3. Increasing the level of dedication. If negotiating a trade strike, a partnership, or a disagreement with a co-worker, negotiators are apt to irrationally increase their loyalty to their preferred decision even after it has proved to be successful. In a disagreement, we do everything we can to pay back our previous investments (such as money spent on legal fees).

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