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Break-even analysis is a tool used to determine the profitability rate for your company, service, or a product. In other words, it can be defined as the point in business, economics, and accounting which is the financial calculation used to identify the total number of services or products required to sell as to cover your production cost. Students, who want to start their career as an entrepreneur must know "When will I break even?”. You are here because you are most likely looking for assistance in writing break-even assignments. Our experts providing break-even analysis assignment help will assist you with tricky concepts such as determining fixed costs, variables costs, break-even analysis, forecasting profitability, and aspects of the break-even point. With this, we are sure that you will be able to submit a high-quality assignment and score excellent grades.

As per our Break-Even Analysis Assignment Experts, the assignments related to this break-even are mainly focused on the calculation of break-even point; how to use it; when break-even analysis is required; etc. If you encounter problems to deal with such topics can avail break-even analysis assignment help. Our assignment writing experts design assignments as per the instructions given by the professor to meet a high level of perfection.

Types of Assignments Covered By Our Break-Even Analysis Expert

Our break-even analysis assignment experts have written thousands of assignments and projects for students studying in Australian universities. Many of them have scored A+ grade in their assessment. The topics covered by them are – The Margin of Safety (Break Even Analysis), Contribution & contribution per unit (Break Even analysis), how to calculate breakeven output, calculate break even output by using chart method, and more. However, our experts helping in breakeven analysis assignment have explained a breakeven assignment sample for you. Let's read it.

break even analysis assignment sample

The purpose of this assessment is to help students in preparing the activity and financial details for the business case. Completing this task accurately will help you to overcome the problems related to assignment 4.

In this assessment, you are required to choose a topic for your breakeven and budget analysis as per your choice and interest but should be relevant to your subject. The business you will choose should be a health-related, a non-profit, and established in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District.

TASK Requirements

  • Develop a breakeven analysis and zero-base activity for the health services budget that you have planned to recommend in assignment 4.
  • Along with the proposed budget, make a budget allowing the operations budget which should be 10% less as compared to the optimal budget.
  • Give a short explanation to achieve 10% saving on the optimal budget.

Instructions to solve above given breakeven analysis assignment

  • Before building a budget plan or process, you may consult with your professor/ tutor to know whether the selected project is suitable or not for the assignment.
  • You are required to prepare 2 budget spreadsheets. You can also refer to the template given on the vUWS online learning platform.
  • Explain the budget and activity items clearly.
  • Use Microsoft Excel for your assignment.
  • Reference all the cited materials accurately.

Hopefully, the above-given instructions are helpful for you in writing this assignment. In case, you still need further help in writing breakeven analysis assignment, then do contact us, we’re all ears.

Why is the Break-Even Analysis Assignment Important?

Assignments are assigned with a purpose to check the academic skills and knowledge of the topic or subject. Therefore, it becomes necessary for a student to write a high-quality assignment covering all the required information and instructions. In addition to these, there are several other benefits behind writing break-even analysis assignments. Few of them are defined below by our Break-Even Analysis Assignment Help Online experts.

  1. Set Smarter Price
  2. After writing so many assignments, you will be able to set a smarter price for a product. Also, you will come to know about the ways that can affect the profitability of a product, service, or business.

  3. Cover fixed costs
  4. When it comes to pricing, many people think about variable costs. In finance and accounting, variable costs are those costs which change as per the number of services or goods produced by a business. In other words, it is a total of marginal costs of all the units of goods and services produced. Writing break-analysis assignments help you to develop such knowledge.

  5. Setting Revenue Targets
  6. Once you are done with break-even analysis assignments, you will have exact knowledge of what product price to be sold on to get profit. This process allows you to be more tangible while setting sales goals.

  7. Recommend Smarter Decisions
  8. There could be many entrepreneurs who make their business decisions on the basis of emotion. Our experts providing break-even analysis assignment help in Australia say that feeling is important but it is not enough when we talk about business. You must make decisions on the basis of facts and information.

  9. Calculation of break-even point
  10. Break-even points for a business can be determined in two ways i.e. base on units and based on sales. Our Break-Even Analysis Assignment Help Online experts have explained these formulas under:

    Based on units

    In this method, you are required to divide the fixed costs of a product by the total revenue/ unit subtracted by the total variable cost/ unit. Hence, the formula will be -

    break even analysis based on units

    Based on Sales

    If you are asked to determine the break-even point by using the sales method then you must divide the fixed costs with the contribution margin. If you don't know how to calculate contribution margin, then look at the formula:

    break even analysis based on sales

Why Do Students Need Break-Even Analysis Assignment Help?

Writing a break-even assignment is not easy for students as it requires knowledge of the ways to use in this analysis, how to calculate the break-even point, how to determine the break-even point, etc. Dealing with such topics cannot be a cup of tea for students and thus they need expert's help in writing a break-even analysis assignment. In addition to this, few more hurdles can prevent you to write your assignment such as:

Insufficient Time

Students studying in Australia are often engaged in part-time jobs in hotels, cafes, bars or have a busy schedule because of academic activities. Because of all these reasons, they might not get ample amount of time for their assignment to write.

Suspicious Writing Skills and Subject-Knowledge

The study of break-even is vast thus there is a possibility that they might not understand each topic or do not have adequate writing skills due to which they fail to submit the assignment on time. To help such students, we are here with break-even analysis assignment services where our experts will assist them with necessary writing skills and instructions to finish the project.

Unawareness of assignment's format

University assignments come in different formats like a case study, dissertation, essay, thesis, research paper, etc. All these assignments have their own format and structure that should be followed while writing. Many students do not remember the exact format, structure, or writing styles for these assignments. Hence, they need Break-Even Analysis Assignment Help from online experts.

If you are pursuing business or finance based courses and unable to deal with break-analysis assignments, then you may contact us. We, at Online Assignment Expert, have break-even analysis assignment writing experts who have adequate understanding and knowledge of the subject. If you encounter similar issues, feel free to post your query via e-mail or phone number. We have a smooth functioning process like choose writer, provide assignment details, 24 hours support, and delivery of the task. Our customer support care team member will reach you instantly. With us, you are assured for following;

  • The quality-based assignment paper
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Proofreading and editing of papers
  • Accurate solutions for all your concerns

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