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Why is Plagiarism A Matter of Concern?

Why is Plagiarism A Matter of Concern
March 28, 2022

Why is Plagiarism A Matter of Concern?

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Why is Plagiarism A Matter of Concern?

Essays are an important piece of writing that requires a lot of research. Every student has done a cluster of essay writing work in their school days. To provide a clear and concise argument to support your idea through compelling content, one must know the fundamentals of essay writing. When you work on an essay, you have very high chances of adding copied content you read somewhere- from various websites, books, journals, and other electronic data that nobody will notice. But things turn around. It was plagiarized, and you are not being accused of this offence. Not everyone is a wordsmith extraordinaire, but any organization cannot entertain plagiarized content. It will be an act of dishonesty, but it also will bring a daunting experience in your way. However, taking help from an essay writing expert will save you from this ignominy before an essay submission date.

What is Plagiarism?

According to linguistic experts, students who work on their essays often unintentionally or intentionally use others' work without knowing it may turn into academic dishonesty. “Recklessly using someone else's words, ideas, and thoughts in your work without citing the source is a form of cheating.” Online Assignment Expert is your one-stop destination to give uniqueness to your essay project. Some experts check your work and eliminate the copied content.

Why Plagiarism is a Matter of Concern for Many?

When you are enrolled in a specific course and working through previous knowledge provided to you, the moment we read, learn and perform certain activities based on those earlier studies, we build our ideas through that information. Universities who assign tasks to you expect to distinguish knowledge among new and old data you have gathered from other sources. Essentially, your instructor is looking for your unique approach to your subjects. It would help if you asked these questions yourself as you begin your essay writing;

  • What did you understand by the given study?
  • What evidence do you have to support your work?
  • How does your finding distinguish your approach from that of the authors’?

What all Types of Plagiarism Should I Know About?

There are several types of Plagiarism that an online assignment expert can identify. An essay is commonly found to be plagiarized if it is,

  • An idea copied from an unidentified source, paragraphs, method, formulas, statistical data, diagram, image, artwork, infographics, music notation mentioned in other’s content without providing the source of information.
  • It is copied from other students' previous work without due credit.
  • A dissimilarity was found between the bibliography and the main body content.
  • Use quotes, dialogue, or statements of a famous person without acknowledgement.
  • They are used as any material without providing correct sources such as hard copy, soft copy, audio, visual, and live presentation.

To excel in writing without an act of academic dishonesty, assignment help Sydney experts are here for your support.

What are the Effective Steps for Avoiding Plagiarism?

If you need online essay writing tips to level up your writing game one grade higher, you need someone who can proofread your content and make it Plagiarism free. Our online proofreading experts trust their expertise instead of referring the content to some spell-checking tool to give absolute attention to their work. Here are some of the effective ways that are paramount of all essay writing tips;

  • Step1. Optimum use of Citation- Citing all the used sources of information and providing valid links as reference is called an in-text citation. According to APA-6th Edition- The In-text citation consists of the last part of the sentence and the complete referencing in the reference list.
  • Step2. Enhance your note-taking skills- Making concise notes are a key practice every writer should follow. It’s a way of justifying their essay and coming up with something fruitful from others' ideas. Using quotes, extracts, and thoughts with quotation marks will allocate the references much easier. To differentiate from the copied statement and your views, use quotation marks. It's a trick to avoid confusion among various sources and use the references more effectively.
  • Step 3- Do not rely on one source- The more, the merrier. A perfect essay is established on a lot of research. Using a wide range of resources showcases your efforts and will also help you develop your way of writing. Based on your reading, you will bring multifaceted writing ideas to your essay to provide authenticity to your project.
  • Step4- Avoid copy-paste- When writing an essay, avoid copying the author's ideas. Instead of cutting pasting the concept of others, provide valuable credit to other people. It will also showcase your perfection without breaching anyone’s authenticity.
  • Step 5- Bring out your writing style- You may not be a great essayist, and we can understand that you can practice writing during your college days. It will help you develop a new writing style and make the content as unique as your own. It could be inspired by any kind among expository, persuasive, descriptive and narrative online essay help; Sydney might be your go-to place for more insight.
  • Step 6- Ask for help- Whether you are a scholar or an average student, a little guidance doesn't harm anyone. Ask your instructors how to do research and use citations and bibliography. 
  • Step 7- Use the bibliography appropriately- Using the list of authors' books while writing your essay and adding them at the end of your work is the bibliography. This is the finest way of avoiding Plagiarism when you have provided the reference books in your essay. An annotated bibliography is proof of relevant scholarly sources that justifies a related topic and a summary of that source. It should be structured in alphabetical form.

Being a writing wizard, our online expert guide you to prepare your piece of non-plagiarized essay, comprising proper in-text citation, referencing, literature reviews and quotation marks, spacing- all will be taken care of. Experts appointed to do the job are highly active with the nuances of proofreading, reviewing, and sharing feedback.

But Can I be Accused of Plagiarism if I Did Paraphrasing?

Umm, sorry to break it to you but paraphrasing is very similar to Plagiarism. Let us explain how- Using someone else’s ideas and putting them into your words, thinking it may not look plagiarized, is a type of Plagiarism. Adding a few synonyms, removing a few sentences, and adding new ones are technically the same. So, if at all you paraphrase an idea, you DO need to cite it appropriately.

Why Essay writing help in Sydney is All You Need Right Now?

A simple answer to this question would be To maintain the uniqueness of your work. Sharing valuable content that cannot be found anywhere else is what the world is looking for. English scholars sitting in this position have the first and foremost priority of proofreading your assignments and giving excellent feedback.

As essay writing help providers, we have this accountability to give you the best service possible. Hiring an Online Assignment Expert enables you to avail the maximum benefits of offering a wide range of value-added services at zero cost; we ensure the finest quality proofread for you!

Value-added services offered by Online Assignment Expert include;

  • Unlimited revision until you are fully satisfied with the work.
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