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Uses of Teel Paragraph Structure in Essay Writing

Uses of Teel Paragraph Structure in Essay Writing
When you are writing an essay, TEEL is one of the useful acronyms to be used. Using TEEL approach, structuring essay paragraphs become easy and also ensure that you have a well-developed argument using strong evidence. However, TEEL stands for –

  • T – Topic sentence
  • E – Explain
  • E – Evidence
  • L – Link

TEEL can be said as a real gut for an essay whether it is an argumentative essay, narrative essay, expository essay, and descriptive essays. This is a place where you come to define your ideas and include evidence and arguments. In essay writing, you generally include 3 to 5 paragraphs and each paragraph needs to have a minimum of four sentences or more depending on the word count of your essay.

Each essay paragraph should be drafted by following the TEEL formula. TEEL generally includes – 1) topic sentence, 2) Explanation, 3) Evidence, and 4) Link. This is the way, we describe TEEL.

The term “T.E.E.L.” has been explained by the assignment helper in the following ways.

You are required to ensure that each body paragraph includes its argument and is linked to the thesis statement or answer. Moreover, you must be exploring arguments when you are retelling the story. However, let’s have a look at Teel Paragraph Structure examples:

teel paragraph structure examples

Topic Sentence:

In academic essay writing, the topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph. It is written with a motive to let the readers know, what the paragraph is about or what arguments are included. It is written in a way that that the reader can know what exactly has been discussed in the essay once they finish the reading. Our experts providing help in TEEL paragraph structure must include arguments related to the topic.

Few topic sentence examples are:

topic sentence examples


We all know that in the essay, the first sentence of a paragraph not only just be a statement of fact, but it should also be supported with examples and evidence. Some of the best examples for argumentative statement are –

argument sample

Additionally, each body paragraph should start with an argumentative sentence. Here are a few sentences from which you may try to identify the ARGUMENTATIVE statement and FACTUAL statement as well:

argument example


Once you are done with the above two sections, you are now required to expand your topic sentence in the next sentences. It generally includes – discussing the particular points to be focused or what you want to discuss in detail. Our experts say that this is the point where you cannot use supporting ideas or factual statements. However, an example is given below that gives you more clarity.



When you have successfully done with argument and opinion, you are required to include some evidence to support those claims. In order to complete this, following are the question to be focused:

  • What type of proof you have included which shows that your claim is truthful?
  • What are the points that you have discussed in the text which can be used as a supporting argument?
  • What is the essay makes you think that this is correct?

Some examples are discussed below to let you know the ideas to incorporate evidence:


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In the end, you are required to include a linking sentence in the essay. This linking sentence generally summarises the paragraphs in a few sentences and it links the key terms of the essay. It usually takes place after discussing the argument and providing evidence.

Being a student, you must know that linking sentences are quite similar to the topic sentence which links all the things back to the essay. For example –


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