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Trending Topics for Captivating Compare & Contrast Essays

Trending Topics for Captivating Compare & Contrast Essays

If you have been asked to write a compare and contrast essay, you must understand the basics of writing this essay. This is one of the most common essays that is frequently asked by the university. Generally, compare and contrast essays are about comparing two or more subjects.  Students can also create a thesis statement which shows that which subject is superior between the two.

Approaches For Compare and Contrast Essay

There are two different approaches followed to write compare and contrast essay i.e. block approach and point by point approach. Not all students are best in writing paper thus they are required to be well-versed with these two approaches. These both approaches discuss the inspection element in detail and in-depth. It also highlights the similarities and disparities of the element. However, the block approach and point by point approach differ if we talk about the organisational structure. The essay writing expert suggests simply including an introduction and conclusion paragraph for compare and contrasting essay. The structure and body paragraph can differ in both approaches.

Block Approach

The block approach used in the compare and contrast essays is based on the rational pattern which discusses the key points of each element. The writers are requested to list the main points in a clear paragraph in the body section and should be logically arranged. The paragraphs are determined based on the en-block approach.

Point-by-Point Approach

The point-by-point approach is also called the alternate or slice method. It is an approach followed for writing compare and contrast essays which compare the item or element at a time. In order to compare and contrast two elements such as A and B, the writer need to form body paragraphs on the basis of points that are different or similar. In case, if A and B have three similar or different point, there could be three body paragraphs. Also, remember that each paragraph must have a different point to discuss.

Trending Topics for Compare & Contrast Essays

Here are the few lists of compare and contrast essays topics which can be picked to write your assignment.

  • Prepare a compare and contrast essay of the methods followed to write a story by Edgar Allan Poe. Also, take two or more than two of his literary works.
  • Compare and contrast the American nuclear family structure and traditional Japanese family structure.
  • Discuss the study of two or more feminist theories branches.
  • Discuss the similar and different points between Herbert Spencer to social studies and contributions of Auguste Comte.
  • Prepare an essay for the impact of music and the Internet in the youth of the digital era by using point to point approach.
  • Using block approach, write a comparative and contrasting analysis of Abstract Art and Cubism.
  • Form a compare and contrast essay between monarchy and autocracy.

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