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Student Accommodation Guide for International Students in Australia

Student Accommodation Guide for International Students in Australia
Studying in Australia is not easy for international students not only because of the education system but also from the accommodation point of view. Not every student can get accommodation within the university premises. Isn't it? To help such students we have listed the top and best student accommodations in Australia where they can experience a homestay life. 

In Australia, there are several accommodation options such as on-campus apartments, homestay, college residential, rental property, and others. This blog discusses the variety of Australian accommodation in detail. 

On-Campus Apartments

If you are willing to stay on campus, then you can easily find it in almost all the major universities as they provide halls of residence mainly to international students. Availing on-campus apartments can be expensive as compared to off-campus living (lump sum around AU$80-250 (~US$60-185) per week). In these apartments, you will get services like cleaning, meals, laundry, sporting facilities, and fully-furnished rooms. Living in the university on-campus makes you free from searching for apartments to stay in. If you are an international student and willing to get on-campus housing, then make sure to apply as early as possible because the university has limited space.

On-Campus Apartments

Off-Campus Property

Living in off-campus property is a common option for international students studying in Australia which provides you more freedom and options. Although, it can be an intimidating option in a country where you are new and don't know the people but it is a very wide choice for native as well as international students. You are not the one sailing in the same boat. To get help, you can contact the university's student services where you will be assisted by suggesting a few top-rated housing agencies. You can also do your research to find off-campus properties that are best for international students. Generally, choosing an off-campus property to stay will cost around AU$80-200 (~US$60-150)/ week.


Staying in a homestay gives you a chance to stay with an Aussie family in their house until the duration of your course. Opting homestay option allows you to get integrated and interacted with Aussie family members and lifestyle. The amount can cost up to an average of AU$110-270 (~US$80-200) per week. Living in a homestay can be quite less social because you will be staying with family, not with friends or students. Within homestay, you will get both single and shared rooms and you are free to choose as per your choice. You can get a visit to different websites where you will get a list of student accommodation for international students in Sydney.

Shared Apartments

Looking to save your expenses? Running out of money? If you are then you can opt for shared apartments where you will be sharing an apartment with one or more students. The fellow mates can be of your or any other universities which allow them to socialize. Such apartments are often unfurnished and its cost ranges from AUD$100 to $350 per week. Shared apartments can easily be found in different cities in Australia. It is one of the most preferred accommodations by UNSW students, Monash University students, and other university students.

Shared Apartments


International students who want to experience a luxurious stay in Australia can choose Uniresort. Uniresort can be easily found in Mt Gravatt located in Brisbane and it is best suited for Australian and international students as well. Within this, you will find 64 apartments where you will get multiple facilities including Spa, Pool, Sauna, gym, tennis court, steam room, etc. You do not need to worry about the security as all its apartments are highly secured. Such amazing Uniresort is mostly situated near universities, shopping complexes, and public transport. Uniresort offers different types of apartments like bunk apartments, studio apartments, deluxe apartments, and classic apartments. 

If you too are willing to stay in one of the luxurious student housing in Australia, then you have to pay a lump sum amount of $190/ week whereas the deluxe room can cost up to $210/ week. 


To know more about accommodations in Australia for international students can contact us as we have a team of marketing members who can help you with all your queries. So do not waste time and contact us immediately.

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