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Step by Step Guide for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Step by Step Guide for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
We all know that assignments can be in any form. It may come in the form of an essay, case study, dissertation, research paper, bibliography, report, etc. In the last few years, it has come to notice that universities ask their students to do systematic review and meta analysis in their assignments. Dealing with this assignment can be challenging as you are required to define research questions and perform the statistical method. However, if you are considered doing a meta-analysis or systematic review, this blog will be quite useful.

In this blog, our experts offering help in systematic review and meta analysis have discussed the background to methodology and provided lists of several references so that you can quickly write your assignment. So, let's begin the reading!

Difference between Systematic Review and Meta Analysis

Most of the students think that systematic review and meta-analysis are the same, and both the terms are used interchangeably. Students must know a significant similarity between systematic review and meta-analysis, but they are not the same. Let's discuss this in detail by focusing on the two concepts:

  • As discussed above, a systematic review is a comprehensive, transparent, and organized way to collect, assess, and synthesize evidence to define a question.
  • According to assignment help experts, a meta-analysis is defined as a statistical technique used to link numerical data from different studies. A meta-analysis takes place only in the systematic review.

Systematic Review: A systematic review can be explained as a review for a well-formulated question that uses reproducible methods and systematic methods to determine, choose, and critically assess and evaluate all the related searches, collect, examine, and evaluate data from the studies.

A systematic review:

  • Helps in answering research questions
  • Works as a reproducible and comprehensive search strategy
  • Determines unpublished as well as published studies
  • It is useful in evaluating all results for quality, exclusion, and inclusion
  • It presents a balanced and unbiased summary
  • Is involved with a team of researchers who are concentrated on undefined research questions
  • It is a time-consuming process that might take weeks, months, or even years

A systematic review is both qualitative and quantitative. If you are willing to write systematic review and meta-analysis assignments on your own, then it is essential to know about the systematic quantitative review and systematic qualitative review.

Quantitative systematic review: Quantitative systematic review is said when the study includes numerical data.

Qualitative systematic review – A systematic qualitative review includes both searchings for research evidence and drawing the findings. Some of the basic types of a systematic qualitative review are interviews, observation, groups, and diaries. If you want to know more about a systematic review, then avail of assignment help from us.

Steps to be followed in a systematic review

A systematic review involves the following steps:  

  • Check for the available protocols – In case the systematic review is already conducted or being undertaken, you are required to refine or amend the question you have chosen.
  • Develop a particular research question that is focused and clear. Here, you can use the PICO tool or PICo for quantitative reviews and qualitative reviews, respectively.
  • Register and create your protocol. It may include eligibility criteria and rationale for the review.
  • Develop a robust search strategy that can be reproducible and explicit.
  • Go for a comprehensive literature search by relevant databases.
  • Choose and analytically assess and review the quality of detailed studies.
  • Extract the concerned data from a particular study and make use of developed methods to synthesize the data
  • Understand the outcome and develop a wide-ranging report considering all the aspects of a systematic review.

systematic review

META-ANALYSIS - A meta-analysis is termed a statistical analysis, which includes the results obtained from different scientific studies. Meta analysis is generally performed when various scientific researches are giving a talk on the same question. Each study reports an evaluation that has some kind of error. After this, the aim is to make use of this approach from statistics to explain a collective estimate closest to that unknown truth.

meta analysis

The key benefit of the meta-analysis approach is to aggregate the information that leads to strong statistical power. While performing a meta-analysis, the researchers are required to make a choice that affects outcomes, including choosing studies depending on the set of objective criteria, how to search for studies, etc.

Steps in meta-analysis

Generally, a meta-analysis is used for a systematic review. It permits critical appraisal and identification of all the related evidence. However, the steps to follow in the meta-analysis are described by our university assignment help experts –

1) Preparing a research question through PICO Model

2) Search for relevant literature

3) Choose studies on the following:

  • Depending on the quality criteria
  • Choosing particular research on a clearly defined subject
  • Choose if unpublished studies are already encompassed in order to avoid publication bias

4) Confirm the summary measures or dependent variables that are allowed. While taking into account, the meta-analysis of published data should be:

  • discrete data
  • continuous data
  • Hedges' g is one of the most well-known summary measures for consistent data, which is also standardized to eradicate scale differences, but it is quite helpful in incorporating the index of variation between groups. For example:

5) Choosing a meta-analysis model

6) Observe the available sources of between-study heterogeneity

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