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Specialised Cells: A Complete Guide for Biology Students

Specialised Cells: A Complete Guide for Biology Students
According to research, it is found that students pursuing biology courses under The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) are asked to write assignments based on specialised cells. Generally, GCSE is a type of academic qualification that is pursued by students of secondary education in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. Writing assignments for specialised cells cannot be easy for many students, and this is why we are providing biology assignment help in Australia.

Being a biology student, you may be aware that the human body has distinct microscopic cells. These building blocks of a human body associated and work together in order to form the human body functioning. Some cells generally make up some simple body parts, like tissues, whereas some perform complex and complicated tasks. However, the specialised cells are particularly designed to perform the intended functions. Each cell is designed and operated differently, ensuring that the intended function is completed.

Let’s understand “what is a specialised cell?”

Many students pursuing courses under GCSE often ask “what are specialised cells?” Well, our experts providing assignment help services have tried to figure out it.

The human body can be said as one of the most amazing achievements of engineering. It includes blood vessels, nerve fibres, strong skeletal framework, and digestive system. Beyond this, the most incredible fact is that all these are moulded just by using one type of component, i.e. the cell.

Cell: It is a fundamental unit of life. Out of them, some cells are unique and thus they are called the specialised cells. We all have studied that the human body is comprised of over 200 specialised cells.

Specialised cells might be similar but they are different in terms of size, shape, or function. Specialised cells have developed some particular characteristics in order to perform a specific function. For instance: Red blood cells or RBC are the best examples of a specialised cell as they carry oxygen all throughout the human body when they are bound to a protein named the haemoglobin.

What are the different types of Specialised Cells?

Whenever you are asked to write specialised cells biology assignments, you must know about the types of specialised cells. Some of them are described below –


Neurons are generally the cells found within the nervous system. It communicates in a unique way with each other. In other words, the neuron is the fundamental working part of the brain that is designed with specialised cells to transmit messages and information to other nerve cells, gland cells and muscles. Some of the neurons have an axon, a cell body, and dendrites. The cell body includes the cytoplasm and nucleus.


Muscle Cells

Muscle cells are also known myocytes which makes muscle tissues. In general, there are three types of muscle cells related to the human body such as – Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth. Skeletal and Cardiac muscle cells are said to be muscle fibres because of their fibrous and long shape. Cardiac muscle cells are sometimes called cardiomyocytes, are generally the muscle fibres that are comprised of the myocardium of the heart.

muscle cells

Sperm Cells

Sperm cells are said to be sex cells that are also known as gamates. These cells are generally produced in the gonad of animals and male human beings. Just like the oocyte, gamates also carry 23 chromosomes which are said to be meiosis result. In human beings as well as animals, such cells are intricate in the sexual reproduction mode that also includes the interaction of female and male sex cells. In general, the sperm cells morphology includes the below-given parts:

  • Tail
  • Midpiece and
  • Distinctive head

sperm cells

Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells are also termed as red blood corpuscles, red cells, erythrocytes, erythroid cells, and haematids. These are said to be the vertebrate’s principles and most common blood cells to deliver oxygen to the body tissues. RBC is round with a flattish just like doughnuts but it does not have a hole. Healthcare professionals can easily check on the shape, size, and health of red blood corpuscles just by having a blood test.

red blood cell


Don’t know the term “Leukocyte”. Leukocyte is also referred to as White Blood Corpuscles (WBC). It is an integral part of the immune system. WBC or Leukocyte helps in protecting bodies from microbes, foreign substances, and infectious diseases. These types of cells are stored or produced in different location of the body, containing spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, and bone marrow. The main causes of Leukocyte are –

  • Bladder infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Kidney infections
  • Holding in urine
  • Urinary system blockage

There could be other causes such as cancers (bladder, prostate, or kidney cancer); blood diseases (sickle cell anemia); interstitial crytitis, etc.

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