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Social Impact On Consumer Buying Behaviour Assessment Answer

Social Impact On Consumer Buying Behaviour Assessment Answer

Consumer behaviour, being one of the most important in marketing is a diverse topic. Thus, Online Assignment Expert is here to talk about the various concepts that revolve around the social impact on consumer buying behaviour. This is because we feel that while guiding students on any of the topics, it is important to talk about the other factors that impact it.

Social Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

Now, when our marketing assignment help experts guide students on consumer behaviour, they make sure to talk about all the social factors which have some of the other effects on the consumer buying decisions.

As we all are well aware that man is a social animal. Similarly, the decision which a consumer takes is based on the interaction between them and various social groups.

So let us now study some of the social impact on consumer buying behaviour-

  • Reference groups

Basically, a consumer always has a circle of those people who influence them in some way or other. So, according to our marketing assignment help experts, the reference group is a circle of those people who are compared with the consumers. For instance, co-workers, family, friends, and more. So, a consumer gets influenced by the choices of the reference group and tend to pick those things which they recommend.

  • Role in society

The main social impact on consumer behaviour is played by the role that a consumer plays in society. Mainly, our marketing assignment help experts feel that every individual plays atleast 2 roles in society. For instance, if a person is a manager at the office, is also a husband at home. Thus, the buying tendency of a consumer is totally dependent upon the role played by an individual in the society.

  • Social status

It is already an evident fact that social status plays an indispensable role in the decision that an individual takes as an individual. For instance, a consumer belonging to a higher class would spend more on luxurious items, rather than a consumer belonging to a middle or lower class. Thus, according to our marketing assignment help experts, this is the most important factor that affects consumer buying behaviour.

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