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Resonating Trends and Challenges in Nursing and Healthcare

Resonating Trends and Challenges in Nursing and Healthcare
November 24, 2020

Resonating Trends and Challenges in Nursing and Healthcare

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Nursing is a broad field to study. Where it has several advantages, it lacks in some areas too. However, there is no doubt that in 2020 we are witnessing an unfolding growth in the nursing profession. Today, nurses are quite different from those who used to donned uniforms and caps just 40 years ago. Today's nurses are not the same as they were to be a decade ago. Therefore, it can be said that as the nursing profession has developed, several challenges and trends have emerged over time and should be addressed. The "Resonating Trends and Challenges in Nursing and Healthcare" blog is written with the purpose to let the readers know the challenges and trends in the field of health care and nursing. 

According to a report released by The Institute of Medicine, there are a few challenges and issues concerned with health care and nursing that are being faced by leadership across the world. However, let's discuss the resonating trends and challenges in the nursing and healthcare industry with our nursing assignment experts. 

Challenges Concerned to Nursing and Health Care

Here are the top most challenges related to the health care and nursing industry:

  • The very first challenge that is faced in health care and nursing is difficult to identify educational requirements for entry as well as practice-level educations. Many health professionals use to educate themselves by pursuing higher degrees in the concerned field whereas many nurses work with their existing degrees. Therefore, it is recommended that the existing nurses should educate themselves by earning master or fellowship degrees because the future nurses should have an advanced education degree and adequate knowledge which can contribute to practice and the population's health. 
  • Another challenge is "Ways to manage and maintain continuity with innovated and newest technology?" We all know that technology has innovated and gone Star Trek, whether we talk about the operating room or electronic record. In the field of medicine, technology has now become an integral part of practice and patient care. Therefore, the leaders are required to know the importance and role of education so that the technology can be made user-friendly for all the staff members. Using technology is quite helpful in improving workflow, but before that the nurses should be engaged in planning, coordinating, applying, and system optimization.
  • The 3rd challenge concerned with nursing and health care is continuity to diversify. Now, the nursing and health care profession has become more diverse than before. So, nurses are required to be well-versed in terms of cultural differences and should have access to resources for patient care. 
  • In the end, the nursing and health care industry is facing challenges in increasing the average age. It has been noticed that a large number of nurses are baby boomers who are about to approach retirement. Therefore, managers are required to leverage the contributions they have made to the industry and keep them in the work. 

All these challenges can seem daunting and this is the thing that makes the nursing assignments difficult. No worries because the experts are offering mental health assignment help for university scholars to find difficult to tackle such assignments. 

Now, we have come to discuss some nursing and healthcare trends with the help of our assignment experts who have been assisting students continuously for a decade. 

Trends That Have Changed the Nursing World

Our nursing assignment help experts have discussed a few nursing trends that can be seen in the coming years. These trends are analysed as per the latest data and insight from The Association of American Medical Colleges, American Nurse Today, The American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and few other sources. 

  • Increase in Online Education Programs

In the year 2010, the IOM (Institute of Medicine) planned to appoint the Committee for the Future of Nursing to put recommendations for the challenges that were faced by nurses. Out of many, one of the key recommendations was to increase the number of workers who have a BSN degree by up to 80% by 2020. In 2018, New York was the first state that becomes to set a law requiring a BSN degree for nurses within 10 years of being licensed. 

With such changes, the motivation to pursue higher education was increased among nurses. The key benefit to pursue nursing degrees online is they can obtain a degree while working full-time. Our assignment experts predict that the popularity and demand for online Post-Master's FNP Certificate and online MSN-FNP programs will be increased to a great height in the future. 

  • Shortage of primary care physicians

The lack of primary care physicians can result in huge demand for Family Nurse Practitioners. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges research, it has been found that the US could face a shortage of around 55000+ primary care physicians by 2032. The main reason behind this is the aging population. With the lack of primary care physicians, the demand for Family Nurse Practitioners will be increased, mainly in those US states where FNPs hold the complete practice authority. 

Nursing jobs and salaries for Registered Nurse will be increased

It is well-known that the number of registered nurses is low not only in Australia, the US, or the UK but globally due to which it is expected that the demand for care providers and baby boomer population ages will grow. Thus, it can be said that there will be a great demand for nurses. According to a survey conducted by American Nurse Today in 2018, it is revealed that nurses are going to be benefited financially worldwide. Economic principles suggest that with the demand for nurses their salaries will also grow. 

Apart from these, there are few other trends such as pursuing higher education among nurses will become a norm, several countries will grant for full practice authority, and more. If you are a student who is assigned with Resonating Trends and Challenges in Nursing and Healthcare assignments then you might need an expert's help to complete the task on time. You can choose us as we are one of the best and trusted assignment providers in Australia. With, us you are assured of the following services - 

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