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PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment Answer

PUBH6006 community health and prevention

PUBH6006 assessment 4 is about writing an essay – working with communities. It is an individual task where students are required to prepare a wonderful and well-researched essay of 2000 words in length. In this assessment, they are required to complete the task before the deadline. While writing an essay, students must highlight the social, behavioural, and environmental impact on the population health and analyse the major economic, social, political, cultural and population health outcomes contributing in health inequalities. 

However, we at Online Assignment Expert bring the best nursing assignment help service to write the PUBH6006 Assessment 4 flawlessly. The nursing experts engaged here will assist you to meet all the requirements and necessary data logically. However, let’s have a look at the PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment. 

Introduction to PUBH6006: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment

In PUBH6006 assessment 4, you will be required to undergo a multi-part assignment. You will be required to showcase the knowledge of module 1 and 2. You will be asked to prepare an essay using your professional judgement and pieces of evidence of learning modules. As per our nursing assignment experts, the PUBH6006 essay should address the following points:

Part 1: Determine the preventable health issues like diabetes or dengue fever. Also, use the Laverack’s ladder of community-based interaction as a reference to explain 3 key strategies to be used to engage to apply for a program to know the health concern.

Part 2: Discuss how key domains of capacity-building can be used to give support to prevent programs and community empowerment for the selected health issue.

Part 3: Explain the approaches, methods, and models of health promotion that can be used to educate and motivate the community about a particular health concern. 

Know the Assessment Criteria by Our Assignment Writing Experts

A student or writer needs to know the requirement and criteria of the assignment. Therefore, the experts providing help in PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment have provided important assessment criteria for you. 

  • Exhibits understanding, knowledge, and skills of community-based interaction. 
  • Analyse and apply different models and theories concerned with health promotion. 
  • Conduct an analysis of different models and theories to a community health issue.

How to write the PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment Answer?

If you are a student of Laureate International Universities and studying community service related courses, then you might be aware of the steps to write PUBH6006 assessment 4 tasks. Students who are unaware of the process of writing Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment can follow the guidelines mentioned below. 

Provides a coherent introduction

Writing a good introduction is not easy. It should be informative and engaging. Generally, an introduction is written with the following goals:

  • Grab the interest and attention of your reader.
  • Provide background and context of the topic.
  • Describe the purpose of the essay.

An example of the introduction of PUBH6006 assessment 4:

PUBH6006 assessment sample

Show the understanding and knowledge of community-based interaction level

Here, you are required to present an erudite understanding and knowledge of the topic or subject. You must critically and systematically discriminate between information substantiated and statement of personal opinion by strong pieces of evidence. 

Discuss the advantages and limitation of the Health Belief Model

While writing the discussion section of your essay, you must also describe the advantages as well as limitations of the health belief model. You can also include a diagram of the health belief model as given below:

diagram of the health belief model

In case, if you find any type of difficulties in writing the discussion part of PUBH6006 Community Service assessment, feel free to take help from subject matter professionals of Online Assignment Expert

Critical Reasoning

Analyse and apply the different health promotion models and theories and show a better understanding of the major problems. Your essay should highlight the ability to understand pertinent literature and information concerned with the selected topic. 

Write a conclusion

In this section, you are just required to rephrase or restate the key points with other words. You must review all the supporting ideas summarising the arguments. The sample for PUBH6006 Assessment 4 conclusion will look like:

PUBH6006 Assessment 4 conclusion

Use A Proper Source Of Evidence And Academic References

The essay should be written expertly adhering the instructions and guidelines of the university. Use high-quality, relevant, and credible resources to find materials for your essay. In this assessment, you must use APA referencing method. 

So, these were the details and steps that a student must be aware of if he/she is willing to write the PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment Answer by his/her own. For more details about PUBH6006 Assessment 4, contact us. 

Contact Online Assignment Expert to Know More

If you are a student studying nursing courses from Laureate International universities and willing to get help in their assessment should contact us immediately. We are working with a team of skilled and proficient academic writers who have adequate knowledge of the subject. Moreover, they use different tools like Turnitin and Grammarly to scan the paper before delivery. If any type of plagiarism or error is found our experts are available 24 hours to make amendments. Therefore, they guarantee to deliver a fresh, unique, and up-to-the-mark PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment Answer. We also provide PUBH6006 Assessment 4: Community Health and Disease Prevention Discussion Forum Assessment sample for students to assist them in generating ideas for their assignment and adhere to the academic writing style.

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