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POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business, and Society

POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business, and Society
Students enrolled at the University of Southern Queensland to earn a degree in Faculty of Business, Education, Law, and Arts are required to deal with POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business and Society assignments. The POL1000 assignment is mainly assigned by the School of Commerce where students come to determine the relationships between business, government, and society. Particularly, this assignment asks you to deal with the political role and political power of a business. Therefore, it is important to know about business behaviour aspects such as politically controversial, treatment of staff and communities, environmental damage, and business set out to affect government. 

In the POL1000 assignment, being a student, you are required to address three key questions: 

  • How do businesses influence government and society?  
  • Describe the ways in which society and government deal with such influences.  
  • Ways in which businesses respond to the condemnation it faces and what are the attempts  taken by the unions, governments, and communities to control it? 

Moreover, our experts provide help in drafting POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business, and Society assignment answer, say that this process mainly focuses on the ethical behaviour and issues of sustainability. Additionally, if you are a student and willing to write assessment answers on your own then you may need few important intellectual skills such as the ability to do extensive research, to read and understand politics books, and subject-related political argument. In case, if you lack these then you might need humanities assignment help from us. We have been the oldest and trusted assignment help service provider in Australia since 2010. The experts associated with us have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the conflicting attitudes for both the government and society as well. Also, they have pursued a Master's degree in the POL1000 or its related course.  

Brief Introduction to POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business and Society assignments

The POL1000 assessment asks you to write a 2000 words essay. The topic for your essay is “is social media good or bad for democracy?” More assessment details are as followed -  

pol1000 assignment

Writing a 2000-words essay for Amalgamation of the Government, Business, and Society cannot be easy because it needs ample knowledge and understanding of attitudes that cause conflict issues in society and government. However, don’t worry because our experts are here to help you with the cheap assignment help service. This service is only cheaper in price. The quality of the assignment is appropriate as per the university standard. Few more details are mentioned below - 

How to Complete the POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business, and Society Assessment?

Here are the few things to be considered in writing the POL1000: Amalgamation of the Government, Business, and Society Assessment answer.  

Required Knowledge -  

  • Understanding and adequate knowledge of the relationships between business, government, and society.  
  • Awareness of social media activities.  
  • What are the social media impacts on government and society, and the techniques which trade unions, governments, and communities follow to limit and regulate business actions?  

Moreover, students writing their POL1000 assessment answers without humanities assignment help are required to develop and enhance enough skills in ethical research, critical thinking, and arguments. However, the things you should demonstrate in your writing are - 

  • Clear understanding and knowledge about the social media extents 
  • Enough understanding of the various ways in which business, government, and society interact 
  • Ethical research skills and critical thinking skills 
  • Adequate academic writing skills followed by Australian universities 
  • Ability to interact with students and discuss social media realities and ideas 

These were the steps that can be quite helpful in writing the POL1000 assessment answer. In case, if you still need assistance then reach to our experts providing assignment help in Australia. Several benefits are available with us such as proofreading, plagiarism-check, editing, quality-check, etc. All these will be discussed further but before that let’s have a look at the sample defined by our experts. 

Start with the introduction

This section allows you to briefly discuss the background of the topic and key points of the thesis statement you have developed for your essay. For example - 

pol1000 assignment introduction

Include body sections

Here, you can include several sections for your assignment. You may define all the important areas along with solid evidence that support your thesis statement. 

Include body sections


In the end, you must conclude by discussing the key points of the essay. The best and easiest way to write a conclusion is by restating the introduction section and then adds your suggestion. Avoid including any new information.  

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