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PICOT Model of Study

PICOT Model of Study

If you a student of nursing, you might be aware of the model “Picot”. The PICOT is a tool used in organizing and assessing the research questions for a medical study. Students enrolled in this field of study must have a complete knowledge if not they might face trouble in their assignment. Online Assignment Expert is available with the best nursing assignment help service to assist you with all the queries that get faced in writing assignments.

Students who want to gain complete knowledge about the PICOT model of nursing can avail help from PICOT assignment help. At this platform, you will find the world-class subject matter experts who are highly talented, proficient and skilled in drafting any sort of assignment. Our nursing assignment help experts have enough knowledge about nursing topics and thus they design any type of assignment flawlessly.

Understand the Concept of PICOT By Our Nursing Assignment Help through expert mentoring sessions Experts

It is used in defining the clinical questions in specific terms of patient problems and issues and aids the researcher in determining the relevant clinical evidence. Our PICOT nursing assignment experts say that the PICOT format is a useful approach for summarising research questions that help in exploring the effect of therapy. Framing of the research question using the PICOT model (Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome, Time frame) can improve the quality of the research study.

PICOT refers to Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time frame.

Our Nursing Assignment Help through expert mentoring sessions Service Experts Explain The Interpretation of PICOT Terms

Students who want to learn more about the interpretation of PICOT nursing terms can read the points given below. This information have been mentioned by professional nursing assignment writers.

  • Population or patient problem

As per our nursing assignment expert offering online assignment help, population refers to the sample of subjects needed in the research study and it can be considered as the target of the study. This target population is presented at the end of the introduction section, where the objectives of the study are explained and where the researcher interprets the results. The benefit of taking a target population is that it includes age factor, gender, and individuals suffering from a certain disorder.

  • Interpretation

Intervention describes the treatment that is provided to the subjects participating in the study and it depends on the type of study conducted. It indicates the exposure of disease, risk behaviour, and prognostic factor. It helps the researcher to identify the risk factors and other complications of health condition. The intervention can be considered as the response of the question related to the decrease in the improvement of the health of patients. If you encounter any problem with your assignment contact our assignment writing experts.

  • Comparison

It identifies and strategies the plan of using a reference group to compare it with the treatment study conducted by the researcher. It can be a placebo effect or no effect in the absence of disease or illness, absence of risk factor, and other Prognostic factors. Various studies consider comparison as a control group in the research study.

  • Outcome

The outcome represents the results planned to measure and examine the effectiveness of the intervention used in the study. It helps in determining the risk regarding disease, accuracy, and precision of diagnosis, and the rate of occurrence of adverse outcomes from the study conducted. Our experts offering nursing assignment service explain that there are various tools to validate the outcome measures of the study and these tools are available for different clinical populations. The outcome can also be considered as the judging criteria which are associated with intervention or the factors affected by the intervention.

  • Time frame

Time frame refers to the time taken for data collection in study and intervention to achieve the outcome of the study. It is a fixed amount of time during which researchers observe the study for the occurrence of the outcome and it can be fixed according to the convenience of the researcher. Some studies which are case-control in nature, time frame does not matter and is not relevant. More details about the interpretation of time frame in PICOT can be grabbed from our PICOT assignment expert.

PICOT model format for clinical question in the research study

PICOT model for Clinical Question


Population or patient problem

How to describe the group of patients in a research study?



What is the intervention considered in the study? How interventions affect the patient?



What are the factors compared with interventions whether it is another placebo effect, drug, treatment, or diagnostic test?



What are the outcomes of the study conducted and how to measure them? Are the outcomes diseases oriented or patient oriented?


Time frame

What is the time required to collect the data and time taken to achieve the outcomes of the result?

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