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Nursing Assignment Sample: ASL 402 Autism Reflection

Nursing Assignment Sample: ASL 402 Autism Reflection
Within the nursing field, reflection is described as a process of examining, reviewing, and assessing experiences, based on previous learning and theoretical concepts. Apart from this, nursing includes clinical reasoning where nurses accumulate cues and process the information, understand the changes in a patient, implement the planned intervention, analyse outcomes, and learn from the process. But when it comes to writing assignments such as a nursing reflection, most students look for an expert’s help. And it is completely fine for you to take help from an academic writer or buy nursing assignments. This blog will talk about the nursing assignment sample for ASL 402: Autism support across the lifespan, which is a 1000-word reflection assignment.

Assessment Sample For ASL 402 Autism support Assignment

ASL402 assignment sample

The above-given ASL 402 Autism support across the lifespan assignment asks you to prepare a reflection of 1000 words. It is an individual task that needs to be submitted as on or before week 12. The assignment is offered by LAUREATE International University to students enrolled in the study of nursing.

Requirements For ASL402 Autism Support Across The Lifespan Assignment

While writing this assignment, you are required to structure your reflection as followed:

  1. Describe the support needs an individual and their carer require over their lifespan.
  2. Based on your work in this subject, identify milestones across the lifespan for an individual with autism and their carer that challenged you and/or were different from the ideas you had about the lifespan needs. Consider how your own beliefs may have been extended, reinforced, or challenged as a result.
  3. The assessment asks you to describe your first perspective to get an in-depth understanding of the lived experience of an individual with autism and carers.
  4. The ASL 402 Autism assignments require advance reflective skills along with the development of knowledge about autism. Such knowledge can be obtained from the person’s lived experience throughout his/ her lifespan.
  5. This assignment talks about your own and others’ perspectives on autism.

Useful Tips for Writing a reflection on ASL 402 Autism Assignment

Tip 1: You need to understand how to analyse and apply a ‘person first’ perspective to solve autism lifespan milestones problems and challenges.

Tip 2: You must have the ability to critique your own as well as others’ biases, prejudices, and assumptions related to support and intervention in autism.

Tip 3: Examine and explain the community supporting an individual with autism and their carer.

Tip 4: Must show communication and research skills.

Common Elements That You Can Include in the Nursing Reflection Assignment

Describe in brief, the definition of Autism

Here’s an example -

There are more than 300 mental disorders as per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - 5. Few of them are quite harmful or may be fatal. The major groups of mental disorders are anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders. One of them is Autism which is a developmental disorder marked by problems with social communication and interaction. It can be diagnosed at any life stage but generally, parents can find its symptoms during the first two to three years of a child’s life.

Discuss the major symptoms of Autism

According to our nursing assignment help experts, the people suffering from Autism have issues in communicating with others with limited interest. The few main characteristics are  - 

  • Lack of eye contact.
  • Not interested in playing games.
  • Repeating phrases and words.
  • Subtle changes make them upset.
  • Resistance when touched or approached. 
  • Using reverse pronouns. For example - use of You in place of ‘I’.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Challenges

Individuals suffering from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) face the following challenges:

  • Anxiety
  • Aggression and self-injury
  • Communication difficulties

The criteria to diagnose and treat ASD

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition, the standardised criteria to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder are: 

Lack of social communication and interaction in terms of developing, understanding and maintaining relationships, communicating behaviour, social-emotional reciprocity. 

Now, you are required to discuss the milestone for an ASD patient. For example - symptoms of ASD, when it can be diagnosed, etc. You can also provide real-life cases or examples to explain it in a better way to your reader. 

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