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NURS2003 Benji Smith Asthma Case Study Solution

NURS2003 Benji Smith Asthma Case Study Solution
Students studying Pathophysiology and Pharmacology are required to deal with different tasks such as assignments, written examination, and quizzes at a regular interval. There are numerous units covered under the study of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology and one of them is NURS2003. In this unit, students are introduced to the processes of injury and disease in the human body. In this blog, we are going to discuss the NURS2003 unit assessment offered by Flinders University.

The NURS2003 unit makes you proficient in examining the contemporary beliefs and ideas critically about illness and health in Australia which includes western and non-western methods, current homilies of health care, including patient self-management and primary health care. The unit assessment will require knowledge of critical analysis between illness and health patterns and social factors in the lifespan of contemporary Australia. Here, you will also explore the theories related to cultural competence and social backgrounds.

In the NURS2003 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology assessment, students are required to deals with a case study of Benji Smith. They are asked to prepare a written paper of 2000 words in length which should be in the form of a case study. It should be written following all the instructions and guidelines given by the university. 

Benji Smith Asthma Case Scenario

Before proceeding to further details of NURS2003 assignment, it is important to understand the case of Benji Smith (11-years old boy).  So, let’s have a look at the below-given snippet:

NURS2003 assignment sample

NURS2003 assignment sample task

Instructions to Be Followed

  • Adhere to the guidelines, question, and the marking rubric of the assignment carefully. 
  • Showcase the clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills. 
  • Exhibit that you have gained proper knowledge and a better understanding of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology concepts and its special effects on the human body. 
  • Make proper use of headings and subheadings (if required) in the case study. Case study assignment should be written so that it would be easier to understand for the tutors and assess the paper accurately. 

What are the Assessment Criteria of NURS2003: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Assignment?

The NURS2003: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology nursing assignment is comprised of assessment criteria. Some of them are illustrated below by our experts providing NURS 2003 Benji Smith Asthma Case Study Solution.

Benji Smith Asthma Case Study Solution

Give a detailed explanation of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology related to patient care

  • Establish a well understanding of the pharmacology and pathophysiology of a patient.
  • Determine the physiology and anatomy of the patient illness.
  • Establish a strong pharmacology understanding recommended to the patient. 
  • Describe the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the pharmacology. 

Discuss the three symptoms/ signs of the case

  • Explain at least 3 medications concerned to patient's pathophysiology. 
  • Find out the three suitable symptoms/ signs of the patient. 
  • Present a succinct, clear, and understanding of the symptoms and related connection to the pathophysiology. 
  • Explain three relevant medication and pharmacological interventions while writing the case study.
  • The symptoms and its connection top pharmacology of the illness should be explained clearly. In the case study, you can also include discussion of ADME.

Rationale and Critical Thinking 

  • Here, you are required to reveal the critical thinking case study. It should be written in the same paragraph. 
  • Illustrate the rationales supporting links between the pharmacology and pathophysiology. 
  • The rationales should be to the theory and context based on evidence-based practice (EBP). 
  • Each rationale should be supported with suitable theory as per the academic literature.

Writing Style 

  • Remember that it is not an essay, so do not write the introduction and conclusion. 
  • The case study should be written clear and easy to read and formatted correctly.
  • The paper should be logically sequenced. 
  • The case study paper should be free from spellings, grammar, and plagiarism.

Proper Referencing

  • Reference must be done as per the APA style. 
  • Reference is not included in the total word count of the case study.
  • Avoid including references from Wikipedia and consumer-based websites. Instead of this, include resources like:

    a) Better Health Channel

    b) MDR

    c) WebMD

    d) Health Direct 

  • Include at least 12 credible references that should be a mix of websites, textbooks, and evidence-based literature.

Students may need to adhere to the instructions given above to prepare a wonderful NURS 2003 Benji Smith Asthma Case Study answer. In case, if found any sort of issue while writing NURS2003: Benji Smith Asthma case study answer can take help from Online Assignment Expert. 

Why Choose Online Assignment Expert for NURS2003: Benji Smith Asthma Nursing Case Study assignment answer?

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