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NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare Assignment Solution

NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare Assignment Solution
August 13, 2020

NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare Assignment Solution

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Are you a nursing student? Tough subject, we must say! Now that you have got your nursing assignment, you must be looking out for the best NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare Assignment Solution. Lucky you for landing on to Online Assignment Expert! We have a pool of zealous subject matter experts who will help you draft the top class solution for the assignment. 

Nursing is a discipline that is comprised of various branches and psychology is one of them. In today's blog, our experts assisting students in composing NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare assignment solution since 2010 have discussed the assignments types and the best suitable methods and steps to write them. Our experts say that to write NURS1003 assessment answer, you should have sound knowledge of psychological terminologies and concepts like Ageism. Let's understand the assignment with the help of questions it includes.

NURS1003 assignment sample

To solve these questions, you will be provided with a case study scenario of Kim-Ly who is a pensioner and lives in the southern suburbs of the city. The case study is given in the below snippet.

nurs1003 psychological perspectives of healthcare assessment answer

Dealing with NURS1003 assessment can be complex and difficult if you do not have ample knowledge of the subject and writing skill. But, don't worry because Online Assignment Expert is now available 24 hours to help university scholars in writing NURS1003 assessment answer. However, further detail such as how to compose NURS1003 assessment is explained below. 

Understand the term "Health Psychology"

The word "Health psychology" mainly concentrates on the ways in which our social context, biology context, and psychological states affect illness and health. Earlier, the traditional view of health was described that the body and mind are two separate entities of our body. On the other hand, from scientific studies, we came to know that the body and mind are very well connected and the physical health changes can affect emotional and mental health and vice-versa.

Different Psychological Viewpoints of Healthcare Explained by Psychology Assignment Help Experts

Before answering the above questions, it is domineering to understand health psychology. It is generally concerned with a variety of factors associated with an individual's behaviour like the relationship between the patient and the doctor, understanding patients, the patient's eating, etc. 

In the words of our psychology assignment help experts, health psychology is termed as medical psychology or behavioural medicine. Health psychology is mainly concentrated on the psychology of an individual's behaviours in terms of health, for instance, nutrition, exercise, healthcare consumption, and decision-making. 

Major health psychology goals listed by our experts

  • Keeping eyes on the behavioural and other aspects of sickness and health 
  • Avoiding every sort of ailment
  • Analysing the sickness effects 
  • Conducting critical analysis for health strategies
  • Performing health issues intervention and research on prevention 
  • Improving interaction between the patient and the doctor 
  • Enhancing medical suggestions
  • Identifying various treatments to manage pain

However, our experts providing NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare Assignment solution are well-versed with areas like health promotion, chronic pain, cardiac psychology, and adjusting medical diagnosis. 

Social and Economic Factors in Health Care

In the case of Kim-Ly, the economic and social factors, like education, income, community safety, employment, and social supports can ominously affect how long and how well we live. These both factors impact the individual's ability to manage stress, healthy choices, care& housing, and many more. 

The economic and social opportunities we have, like stable jobs, good schools and valid social networks are introductory to attain a healthy and long life. For instance, employment gives income that creates choices for education, housing, food, child care, medical care, etc. In contrast, lack of employment limits all such abilities and choices to accrue assets and savings that are helpful in economic distress.

Economic and social factors are not common in terms of health, thus strategies and approaches are developed to enhance these factors so that a greater impact can be made on health over time. In writing NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare Assignment Solution, the social and economic factors to be taken care of are as followed – 

  • Education shows the percentage of high schools, graduates, or attended some colleges in a community or who are neither went to school nor working. 
  • Employment gives detailed statistics for unemployment.
  • Income justifies income inequality and children in poverty.
  • Social and Family Support gives information for children who are in single-parent households and admittance to social openings.
  • Community Safety is the best way to measure injury deaths and violent crime.

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Online Assignment Expert is the oldest and most popular assignment help service provider in Australia. At this platform, a team of highly experienced, skilled and experienced psychology assignment experts who promise to deliver an errorless and unique paper. Our experts have enough knowledge about the terminologies like clinical care, health behaviours, child care, medical care, and more that helps them in writing accurate NURS1003 assessment answer. Therefore, students who are worried about their nursing or psychology assessments can reach to us immediately. Following benefits are offered to students - 

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