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NURBN1001 Consumer Rights in Clinical Ethical Decision Making Assessment Answer

NURBN1001 Consumer Rights in Clinical Ethical Decision Making Assessment Answer
July 17, 2020

NURBN1001 Consumer Rights in Clinical Ethical Decision Making Assessment Answer

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NURBN1001 Legal and Ethical Decision-Making in Person-Centred Care is a course offered by Federation University, Australia. In this course, students learn the ethical and legal frameworks which affect professional nursing practice. They also learn to identify the ethical and legal issues, principles, concepts and how these terms are concerned with the delivery of clinical decision making and patient-centred care. Under the unit, NURBN1001 consumer rights in clinical decision making, you are asked to write an essay on the topic "critically identify and discuss the relevant legal and ethical considerations in relation to the case study". You will be given a case study and based on that you must draft an essay which should be 2000 words in length. As per the experts providing NURBN1001 assessment answer, you must have the knowledge of the following to complete the assignment:

  • Culturally sensitive care
  • Consent, privacy, and confidentiality
  • Patient right of treatment refusal 
  • The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights
  • Elements required for an action of medical negligence
  • Duty of care
  • The four key bioethical principles, as per the Childress and Beauchamp, Atkins et al (2017) and the ways in which they are applied to this case study

NURBN1001 nursing essay assessment answer

What Should You Know for Writing the NURBN1001 Assessment Answers?

Students who are willing to write their assignment without taking help from nursing assignment experts should have adequate research skills and knowledge of the following. 

  • Highlight the legal, professional, and ethical frameworks that fall under the professional nursing practice.
  • Explain the key application concerned to the nursing practice.
  • Determine the ethical and legal responsibilities and roles related to professional nurses, vulnerable populations, and critical incidents.
  • Critically examine the results of the professional framework for an individual and the nurse, communities, groups, and populations.
  • Demonstrate and analyse the understanding of ethical as well as legal health care issues.
  • Explore managing information methods in terms of legal perspective and managing consumer rights and freedom of information as a health professional.
  • Discuss the professional nursing regulation and scope of practice. 
  • Examine the knowledge of statute law and common law that is appropriate to health professional practice.
  • Explain the key difference between ethical and legal issues and how to apply law principles and ethics impacting nursing practice.
  • Exhibit knowledge about nursing registration and professional regulatory requirements.

How to Draft NURBN1001 Essay?

Writing a NURBN1001 essay requires you to explore the practice obligations and health care relationships in the different healthcare environment. While writing NURBN1001 assignment answers, you must follow the structure given below. 

Introduction: In an essay introduction, you should introduce background information about the topic. Briefly describe the issues related to the topic and include overview details of the key areas to be discussed further in the essay. If we talk about the NURBN1001 assessment, the introduction will discuss the ethical and legal rules applied to nurses in developing professional attributes, 6 key ethical principles for the nurses, etc. For example –

NURBN1001 assessment example

Body Paragraphs: The body paragraphs of an essay should be logically structured as it includes supporting evidence for the topic. You may use topic sentences for each body paragraphs without using headings.

Paragraph 1:

NURBN1001 health care and the law assessment

culturally safe practice assignment answer

Similarly, write further body paragraphs in the same way. In case, if you find any sort of issues while writing, do refer to the above NURBN1001 Consumer Rights in Clinical Ethical Decision Making assessment sample. It will help you generate ideas and guide you to write a perfect body paragraph. 

Conclusion: When you are done with the process of writing body paragraphs, you should include a conclusion. Your conclusion should be logically structured without references. The easiest and best way to write a conclusion is to restate the topic, recapitulate the key points of the essay, and include recommendation/remarks in the end. Once you have finished these steps, the conclusion for NURBN1001 Consumer Rights in Clinical Ethical Decision Making Assessment will look like:


NURBN1001 assignment conclusion

Reference list: In this assignment, you are required to use APA 6th formatting referencing style. Avoid including references that are over 7 years old. References should be done for peer-reviewed journals articles and books. Also, arrange references in alphabetical order (A-Z). If you don't have knowledge of APA 6th Edition reference formatting then the best option is to choose an expert's help in nursing assignment

Additionally, after the reference list, you are supposed to include a reflection of 50-100 words. The reflection must include the following:

  • A summary report written in your own words for the similarity report 
  • Mention the changes that you have made in relation to plagiarism and Turnitin 
  • Briefly describe your learning 

So, these were the few steps that can help you in writing a flawless NURBN1001 Consumer Rights In Clinical Ethical Decision Making Assessment Answer. Once you are done with the introduction, body section, conclusion, references, and reflection, you must checklist for the following things:

  • Have you followed the marking criterion to write your essay?
  • Check whether you have clearly answered the questions asked in the essay and inclusion of supporting evidence
  • Have you written 100 words reflection as asked by the professor? 
  • Have you checked for punctuation, spelling, and grammar? 

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