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NRS83002 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Assessment Answers

NRS83002 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Assessment Answers
July 31, 2020

NRS83002 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Assessment Answers

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In today's blog, our experts providing NRS83002 Mental Health across the Lifespan assessment answers to university scholars have explained the different assessments where you might need help from an expert. The NRS83002 assessment is mainly offered to students pursuing Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Master courses in the field of mental health. This assessment accentuates the bio-psycho-social contexts and life stage particularly concerned with delivering effective interventions and engagement with adolescents, children, and older persons. In this assessment, students can be asked to critically apply such contexts to the entire comprehensive assessment aspects, analysis, and intervention. So, we will now discuss how to approach each of the assessments below.

NRS83002 Mental Health Assessment Overview

The study of NRS83002: Mental Health across the lifespan unit is comprised of three different assessments such as –

  • Quiz – MultiChoice/Open book
  • Case Study – Case Study
  • Critical Essay – Essay

To complete these assessment tasks, students are required to meet the entire basic learning requirement, highlight the different insight, and showcase the ability in analysing, researching, apply the appropriate skills, aspects & ability to integrate, synthesise, and evaluate knowledge. Additionally, you must adhere to the following assessment information and policies. 

Referencing guidelines

Students must make proper use of information sources throughout the paper. They must use the APA 6th Edition formatting style for all the above three assessments. For more details, refer to the Library's Referencing guides. 

Word Count

Students need to stick to the guidelines and word count allotted for each task. Anywhere below the assigned word length can affect losing grades. Therefore, get it checked with the professor or accessor once before starting the task.

Assessment 1: Online Quiz

In an online quiz, students are asked to answer a set of 20 multiple-choice questions. The maximum grade allotted for this task is 10% of the total grade. As per our mental health nursing assignment help experts, the online quiz is assigned to examine the key theories and concepts of human development. After successfully answering the online quiz questions, students can connect developmental theories to ill health, mental health, personal narratives, and social roles to a meaningful life.

NRS83002 mental health assessment sample

Assessment 2: Case Study

This section asks students to write a case study of not more than 2000 words. Students are asked to act as a healthcare practitioner, and required to engage with people at different development stages, including adolescents and children. In the case study, they must consider the problems when working with young people. As per the experts, students must focus on the following points to write an NRS83002 assessment answer. They are – 

  • Relate developmental concepts to ill health and mental health, personal narratives, and social roles of an eloquent life.
  • Envisage the young people within family gatherings, physiological changes, and emerging identities.

nrs83002 mental health case study assessment sample

"Appendix A" Example –

nrs83002 assignment example

Appendix B – Report

The report should include the background, formulation, and treatment plan. These sections are explained below by our experts providing NRS83002 Mental Health across the Lifespan Assessment Answer

Background: In this section, students must discuss the mental health concerns and concerning background information of the case. Additionally, they should outline the further information that is like to gather and by whom. 

Formulation: This section should be written in about 750 words. While writing, students must focus on the following:

  • Build a concise psychosocial design that describes and guides the treatment and take follow-ups in the language that is understood by the individual and their family. 
  • Create an outline that is salient and includes all the key problems that are considered in the developmental theory. 
  • Explain the ways to mitigate and assess the risk of suicide, self-harm, and/ or other risks.

Treatment Plan: Here, students are required to develop a plan that enables the safe discharge of an individual and consist of recommendations for support.

Assessment 3: Essay

The last assessment is to write an essay of 2500 words in length. The task detail is mentioned below:

nrs83002 mental health across the lifespan essay answer

To solve this part of NRS83002 Mental Health across the Lifespan assessment, students are required to include the following points in the essay:

  • Assess the impacts and effects of trans-generational trauma by discussing the linguistically and culturally diverse populations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.
  • Develop supportive interventions to common mental health conditions in the context of mental health in older persons. 

In addition to all these knowledge and skills, students who are willing to write NRS83002 Mental Health across the Lifespan Assessment Answers on their own must be well-versed in developmental research & theory, the impact of intergenerational trauma, and therapeutic methods that are helpful in recovery. Students who lack these might need mental health nursing assignment help experts to write the NRS83002 assessment answers for them. Such students can reach out to Online Assignment Expert. 

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