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MGT602 Business Analytics Decision Assessment Answer

MGT602 Business Analytics Decision Assessment Answer
Business analytics can be defined as a field of data science that develops practical and data-driven changes in a business. In other words, business analytics is a practical statistical analysis application that is focused to provide actionable recommendations. The study of business analytics includes business, management, and computer science. Therefore, students willing to write the MGT602 Business Analytics Decision assessment answer must have a better understanding of the business and practical limitations as well. Moreover, it requires knowledge of statistics, data, and computer science. 

However, the MGT602 Business Analytics Decision assessment is an individual task where a student must prepare a research analysis report. The total word count allotted for this task is 2000 words and should be submitted within the due date. 


This assessment is designed to critically reflect on the key themes such as uses of data analytics in decision-making, sources of data and analysis, individual & group decision-making processes; and the influence of bias in effective decision-making.  

Based on the above context, students are required to analyse and understand the project from a decision-making point of view. As per the assignment help experts, students must consider the following things in analysis:

  • The usage of data analytics and the sources of data to determine the patterns that create a piece of evidence for decision-making.
  • Highlight decision-making conceptions and analytics that back-up the decision-making.
  • Provide a minimum of 3 decision-making technologies and tools from your subject modules. 
  • Illustrate your findings and results in the form of a business report including clear headings and data sources.
  • Reference your materials as per the APA 6th. Ed. reference style. 

Key themes for the Business Analytics Report

Being a student, you are required to reflect on an individual, a group of individuals, and business decision-making in a sophisticated and comprehensive manner. Moreover, you may present the best use of analytics and blind spots for decision-making. The subject modules include a few key themes that should be presented in your report.

  • Individual and group decision-making process.
  • What types of sources you have used in data analysis?
  • Ways in which bias affects the decision making of an organisation.
  • What is the role of data analytics in business decision-making?

The ideal format for MGT602: Business Report

Before moving ahead to the approach of writing MGT602 assessment, let us have a quick view on the format. The format followed in a business report is – 

  1. Title
  2. Summary 
  3. Introduction
  4. Body
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. Recommendations
  8. Appendices

Approach to write MGT602 Business Analytics Decision Assessment Answer

Our subject-matter experts have explained few steps that a student can follow to prepare a well-organised and well-written MGT602 Business Analytics Decision Assessment Answer. So, let's have a look in detail - 

Executive Summary

It is a section where you should provide a highlight of all the key themes and tools used for decision making. For example – Decision matrix, marginal analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.

mgt602 executive summary sample


Generally, the introduction of a report focuses on the reader's attention and includes background information of the report. Therefore, according to our assignment help expert students must clearly state the process of decision-making, the role of a manager in decision-making, etc. in making an accurate MGT602 Business Analytics Decision Assessment answer.

MGT602 business analytics decision assignment introduction

Main Discussion

A good discussion of a report includes an examination of findings. The paragraph must start by describing the unexpected finding and followed by possible significance and interpretation of the writer why it appeared. Therefore, students must include a rationale in detail and the ways followed by the managers to mitigate indecisiveness problems. 

Tools used in decision-making

The most common technique used by a company for data analysis and finding trends is the SWOT analysis, Marginal analysis, and Decision matrix. You should describe all these analyses and matrixes in this section.

swot analysis


It is a place where a writer is allowed to reinforce the key themes, ideas, and points of the report. A conclusion summarises the report and gives a short overview of findings, possible outcomes, effects of those findings or outcomes. 

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