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LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law Assessment Answer

LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law Assessment Answer
Victoria University is one of the best universities in Australia serving outstanding education to international students. According to the QS Australian Universities World Rankings, this university is ranked 28th along with CQ University in Australia and between 601-650 QS Rank 2020. A large number of students are enrolled to study Criminal Justice, Legal, Professional Legal Development, etc. Migration is one of those courses. 

In this blog, our law assignment help expert has discussed the necessary details related to the LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law Assessment. The LML6002 migration law is a unit studied by the students pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law. Under this unit, they come to learn about the fundamentals of Australian Migration law, the application of migration law & policy, and the role of migration agents. Also, students will cover the Australian migration law history, the structure and development of immigration system policy and legislation of Australia, and setting up of the Migration Agent profession. Moreover, it deals with the fundamentals of Australia's visa system such as procedures followed in making a valid visa application and what are the common requirements for a visa. 

Break-Up of the LML6002 Law Assessments

The LML6002: Graduate Diploma includes three different assessment types such as assignment, assignment, and final examination. 

Assignment 1

The first part of the assessment covers 20% grade out of 100. In this assignment, you are required to critically evaluate the court decision on migration law. Your evaluation should not exceed 1100 words. 

Assignment 2

Obviously, there could be a few problems related to migration law, policies, and ethical practices. Therefore, the assignment task asks you to identify the possible resolution for those issues. The total word count is 2000 words. 

Assignment 3

The final examination is the last part of your LML6002: Migration Law assessment. It covers 45% of grades. Therefore, required to focus on the requirements given by your professor and prepare assignment accordingly.

For example –

lml6002 assignment example

Questions Covered in the LML6002 Migration Law Assessment

According to the migration law assignment help expert, there are few questions to be answered accurately by the students to complete the LML6002 Migration law assessment task. However, if they are stuck at any stage of their assignment then Online Assignment Expert is available to help them accordingly. So, let's have a look at the LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law Assessment Sample:

LML6002 migration law assessment sample

Writing answers for the LML6002 assessment questions cannot be easy for all the students. Students who are going to write this assignment on their own must have the knowledge of Migration Regulations 1994 and principles of Statutory Interpretation. Here’s what our law assignment help experts have to say about the concepts. 

Migration Regulation Act, 1994

The Migration Reform Act 1992 was bought into the act on September 01, 1994. It approved a compulsory detention policy considering the government of Australia to impede all persons being or entering the country without having a valid visa. Talking about this assignment, the judgement in Karan v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection revolves around the visa of the applicants subject to the regulation arising from Section 41 of the Migration Act 1958, Clause 8503, Schedule 8, Migration Regulations 1994. According to the Migration Regulation 2.05(4), there are a few situations under which the condition of nature and restriction listed under Section 41 of the Migration Regulation Act 1958 may be put aside. 

Principles of Statutory Interpretation

In Australia, statutory interpretation is a process through which courts apply and interpret legislation. Even though legislation is enclosed in a written form and interpreting legislation is complex and can always be questioned. Interpreting legislation is an art, not a science. For a number of years, Australian courts have used different methods to aid the implication of legislation. Some of the methods are: 

  • Golden rule
  • Purpose rule
  • Literal rule
  • Mischief rule

Have Queries Related to LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law Assessments? 

The experts helping students in answering LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law assessment questions have covered all the essential details of the assignment such as overview details, types of assessments, approach to solving them, etc. If you need further assistance with LML6002 nursing assessments, then either fill the order now form with your query or call/chat with our customer support team today. Our team will connect with you in the shortest time and assist you with the queries.

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