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ISYS1055 Database Concepts Assignment Answers

ISYS1055 Database Concepts Assignment Answers
Are you struggling big time while writing the ISYS1055 database concepts assignment answers? It has been many days that you have been trying to frame the perfect ISYS1055 assessment answer, is it? Fret not; all your worries related to the subject already came to an end the moment you stepped on to Online Assignment Expert to take help. We agree that database concepts are daunting, but as a computer science student, you have to go through the topics during your degree. Nonetheless, the connoisseurs with us would help you out with whichever topic you are stuck with. Whether you are stuck with a topic like ACID Properties in a Database or database schema, you will get assistance for it all.

But if in case you would like to go ahead by yourself for your ISYS1055 Database Concepts assignment answers, then this blog would surely help you out in drafting the best answers for the assessment. Below, I have discussed some of the major topics that you ought to know about before starting with ISYS1055 Database Concepts Assignment Solution. Let's start!

What are the 4 types of the database?

Below are the four types of database:

Text Database

Text database is the uncomplicated and the easiest type of a database. What would be a simple database? It would be when the files are saved in the names starting with the first name and followed by the last name. In this, each row of the folder presents data. You can make the relevant changes and update the data by making changes in the specific names, erasing rows by erasing lines and adding rows by adding lines. 

Desktop database

The desktop database is another kind of database that is a little bit more complex than the text database. The desktop database is envisioned for a single user. In case you ask me the examples of desktop database programs, then Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Access are the best ones to be precise. The desktop database helps people to mention data, preserve it, safeguard it, and recover it, as and when required. The best part about the desktop database is the fact that the swiftness of altering data and the capability to stock huge records is amazing, all whilst keeping the system manageable. 

Relational database management systems (RDMS)

Relational database management systems are the most used database systems, which are inclusive of Oracle Database, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, and MySQL. The best part about Relational database management systems is the feature that helps in managing data over desktop database programs.

NoSQL and object-oriented databases

NoSQL and object-oriented databases are the most commonly used database today to store data. In NoSQL and object-oriented databases, you don’t have to go by the table/row/column approach of RDBMS. In addition to this, NoSQL and object-oriented databases built bookstands of elements and allow access per bookstand.

Database Schema

A database schema is a cluster of similar objects in a database. So, the objects that are connected or linked have a relationship within a schema. The owner of a schema is only one, who is having all access to operate the entire construction of any object within the schema. If you think that a schema is represented by a person then you are wrong rather it is connected with a user account that exists in the database. The three models connected with a schema are mentioned below:

  • The conceptual model: The first one is the conceptual model, which is also known as the logical model. This is the rudimentary catalogue model that contracts with administrative constructions that are used to describe the structures of a database namely, tables and limitations.
  • The internal model: Next is the internal model, which is also known as the physical model that deals with the corporeal room of the database. Along with this, it also deals with access to the data, mainly through data stored in tables and the usage of catalogues to further accelerate data admittance. The internal model splits the corporeal necessities of the hardware and the functioning structure from the model of the data. 
  • The external model: Last is the external model, which is an application interface that is connected to the ways through which users may get into the schema. For instance, this can be done with the usage of a data input form. This model also helps in connections to be created between the user claim and the data model.

The ACID Properties of Database

All Database Management Systems follow the concept of ACID, which stands for atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. During any event of transaction in a database, these concepts are induced. These properties are very crucial for the health of a database as it helps in fetching the database to a secured state in case of any failures.

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