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A Case study For Improving Construction Project Management

A Case study For Improving Construction Project Management

A Case study For Improving Construction Project Management

Project management is a process of planning, controlling, executing and closing of a task performed by a team to accomplish the goals. One of the crucial challenges faced by the students related to project management is to achieve the project goals within the given time period. Nowadays, various Australian universities are offering project management diploma, bachelor courses, postgraduate courses and TAFE programs to native and foreign students so that they can develop project management skills at a management level.

During these courses, students may also need to deal with several types of assignments such as an essay, research paper, PowerPoint presentation and more. A case study is one of those academic tasks in which most of the university scholars get stuck and look for project management assignment help services to get a complete guideline and aid in writing project management case studies. However, this blog talks about ways to improve constructions project management.

Project Management Case Study Assessment Sample

The below-given assignment sample can be quite helpful to answer the case study assignments based on improving construction project management. Let us have a look at the sample:

Project Management Case Study Assessment Sample

As you can read that the above sample asks you to answer the following questions:

  • Propose ways to have better control over the process of construction and more competitive.
  • Describe how to meet the paperless environment on construction sites?
  • What could be the digital document management software that can be implemented within the construction companies so that information can be accessed easily, fuel faster completion of the project?
  • You must also conduct in-depth research about Gilbane Building Company’s approach who have created paperless processes for construction management.
  • Discuss the benefits of eliminating papers

Students must have the complete knowledge about Gilbane Building Company’s standard processes for project management, best practices for construction project management etc. In case, if you are unable to find reliable sources for your construction management case study assignment, just read the below-given approach. It might help you in completing this task.

Five Important Project Management Processes

The overarching processes of managing a project can be divided in the following stages; Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing. Let’s understand these processes deeply:

  • Initiating: Initiating refers to the project which determines the feasibility and concepts. The SME tool kit includes a few activities which must be performed including estimating and determining the project goal; identifying the scope of the project; spot the project manager and stakeholders and more.
  • Planning: It is the responsibility of a project manager to develop a road map to guide the project and get it completed effectively and efficiently. The working plan offers a blueprint for the project’s scope, the requirement of resources to create deliverables, communication strategy, execution plan and more.
  • Executing: In this phase, the project manager is required to conduct the purchase materials essential for the project and staffs. Further, the objective of this phase is to manage the team effectively. The project managers are responsible for delegation, overseeing, maintaining a good relationship and keeping an eye on every process of the project.
  • Monitoring and Controlling: During this process, the managers closely look after the progress of the project and assure that the project is developing smoothly. Monitoring and controlling is more close to project planning. In planning, we determine what should be done and in controlling and monitoring we establish how well it has been done.
  • Closing: The closing process takes place once the project deliverables are produced and approved by the stakeholders. During this period, the project manager gets in close contact with the supplier, consultants, external vendors and all other parties to archive every document and prepare a final report for the project.

Best Practices For Construction Project Management

In order to complete similar case study assignments for related to construction management, you must have to be well-versed with the practices involved in construction project management. Most of the students know the ways to set a project for success, but here are the few best practices that can assist you in effectively managing the construction project. They are -

  • Define a clear project scope
  • Plan for success
  • Important to focus on the details
  • Predict project setbacks
  • Regular communication

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