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Important to Take into Account Cultural Considerations Assessment Answer

Important to Take into Account Cultural Considerations Assessment Answer
Values, ideologies, customs, and behaviours may vary between people of different cultural backgrounds and orientations. Individuals also lack the ideas, perceptions, and actions expected by cultural generalisations, nor do they share the same cultural customs and opinions as those of their own cultural community. In our increasingly multicultural culture, health care practitioners must understand that [traditional westernised medical procedures can no longer be acceptable for certain patients and families. Health care providers must be mindful of and sensitive to the many cultural traditions and moral values that affect the lives of families. This should take into account moral and cultural views regarding death and dying.

Four Components of Measuring Your Cultural Competence

As per our experts of accounting assignment help Your capacity to communicate with people from various cultures, as well as social and economic contexts, is referred to as cultural competency. It assesses your skills to collaborate successfully with people who may not speak your native tongue, may not observe the same holidays as you, and do not share your values, ideals, or way of life. Being resource centres is important in today's workplace, not just for your own performance but also for the success of your business. Cultural maturity, on the other hand, is not something that can be learned by an exam or a workplace class. Instead, cultural maturity, like most workplace diversity topics, necessitates an examination of your own thoughts.

Diversity Training University International has identified four pillars of cultural competency (DTUI). Awareness, personality, experience, and expertise are the four elements.

Let's take a look at each of the four elements individually.

  • Your response to people who are different from you is called awareness. If you see an individual from Mexico and instinctively believe they are an undocumented alien, you are responding to that category of people. It's crucial that you're mindful of your reactions.
  • You should focus on modifying your emotions and responses to build a more optimistic working atmosphere if necessary.
  • Expertise. Your attitudes can be influenced by your views and ideas about equality. People who have biases have been seen to act in ways that expose their prejudices. However, someone may be completely unaware that they are engaging in such habits. A boss, for example, would entrust the key to the storage room to a worker. Instead of handing the key to the employee who enters the storeroom the most often, an African-American, he gives it to another employee, a Caucasian.
  • Capabilities. Working on and perfecting your cultural competence is needed for this part. Since communication is the primary means of interaction with your colleagues, staff, or coworkers, it is the most important skill you can have in the workplace. It requires both verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as an understanding of how they differ from culture to culture.

Carefully consider your perception, mood, and comprehension. Don't be afraid to be truthful with yourself, and don't beat yourself up if you have any biases or stereotypes. We're just human, after all. Prejudices and assumptions are formed in us as a result of our upbringing and experiences. What matters is that you recognise them so that you can conquer them.

Cultural Considerations for Health Professionals

Regardless of one's cultural history, coping with the prospect of losing one's child is a painful event in both cultures.

In our increasingly multicultural culture, health care practitioners must understand that [traditional westernised medical procedures can no longer be acceptable for certain patients and families. Health care providers must be mindful of and sensitive to the many cultural traditions and moral values that affect the lives of families. This should take into account moral and cultural views regarding death and dying. Being culturally sensitive requires us to recognise and distinguish our own human perceptions and desires. This can be daunting for health practitioners when they operate within the confines of accepted medical and health-care practices and procedures.

As per our experts of accounting assignment help- Children and their families seeking palliative treatment should address the following cultural factors:

  • Barriers to communication
  • Unawareness of what palliative care/hospice environments entails
  • Health-care services/clinicians are treated with scepticism.
  • Personal experiences/trauma in the past
  • Disparities of religion
  • Belief in complementary and alternative medicine
  • The terror of the unknown

Considerations When Working with Youth

Allow teens to discuss who they are, articulate themselves, and share what type of therapy they prefer to help them deal with mental health or drug use issues.

Encourage them to maintain their individuality.

Assisting teenagers in determining their ethnic origin may have a positive impact on people's health.

Anxiety and depression may develop if youth are not motivated to do so4. Youth who have a good perception of themselves are more likely to avoid alcohol and narcotics. They're much more likely to have a positive self-image. Cultural identification includes:

  • Getting a positive sense of self
  • Feeling confident about their heritage and race.
  • Engaging in cultural rituals
  • Learning local languages

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